Is Online Poker Addictive?

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Poker! The game which is played to win cash! The game which is based on mental skill! And the game which is fun and challenging to play if you get the right challenger!  

But it can also be full with threat. One of the dangers is having an addiction for the games. 

Addiction stated to be an emotional state

The addict seeks to get this “high” through some behaviour. Numerous people develop an addiction because of genes. Stress is a key external factor which can lead to addiction, and the presence of some other mental disorders can also add to an individual’s chances to develop an addiction. 

The gambling urge is similar to other addictions. If you have an addictive personality, proceed with care if you decide to play poker online or participate in any other risky gambling activity. Signs of addictive personalities are the people who act rashly, continually seek new thrills or are regarded non-conformists. 

Online poker, which lets players to play multiple tables at once, ensuing in almost even action, is a productive ground for having addiction. Some poker sites let a player to open as many as eight tables at one time, and the swiftness of play is three times as quick as live poker. 

A hand of Texas Hold’em at an online poker site can take as small as 40 seconds to play, and that comprises hands which go to showdown. In poker live, a hand will take at least two minutes to play, even with normal shufflers, and hands that go to showdown can at times take as many as five minutes. 

This doesn’t imply you can’t become addicted to poker live vs. poker online. It just means that the element of instant gratification might not be as common. Numerous of the other factors that causes addiction still exists in live poker. 

So how do you make out you are addicted to poker? 

Ask yourself these questions: 

1] Do you often prefer to play poker instead of spending time with your loved ones or family? 

2] Are you spending more on the game of poker than you can pay for? 

3] When you lose a match or round, do you feel obliged to drop more money on the poker website and play the game higher stakes in a try to win it all back quickly? 

4] Have you attempted to quit poker numerous times? 

If the respond to these queries is yes, then you might be on the verge of having a poker addiction or by now have become addicted. 

How can you help yourself to overcome the addiction? 

The initial step is to recognize if you have the addiction to online poker.  If you truly are addicted, you are not alone. The good news is that poker addiction is a treatable situation. Behavioural therapy and counselling can help you overcome this addiction. Take the help and play in a limit! 

Stay cautious and healthy! Happy gaming!