5 Tips On Beating The Online Poker Small Stakes

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At most online poker games, the smaller stake games are full of less experienced players and solid players should easily be able to make a profit and build their bankroll at these limits. The following tips will help you understand how bad players think and how you can easily beat them by implanting a very simple style of poker.

Play Tight

At the poker online small stakes most, players will be playing a very loose style, seeing a lot of flops with subpar hands. Since the tables will normally be loose, it is advantageous for you to play a tight style. This means you should only play quality hands and only bet when you have a hand.

Do Not Bluff

As mentioned earlier, you should only bet when you have a hand. This is because most online poker real money players at these stakes are calling stations and will call you down to the river with very mediocre hands. Bluffs are usually lost on these players because they are too focused on their own hand to consider that you may have a hand that beats it. In general, you should not bluff at the small stakes because you will end up losing more from bluffing than gain be gained.

Bet Aggressively When You Have a Strong Hand

Since you are playing only premium hands and most of your opponents are calling stations, the way you will make your money at the small stakes is by betting your strong hands aggressively. You will be surprised at how many of your bets are called and the hands that your opponents are calling your bets with. The true inexperience of a player comes through when they cannot get away from a hand. You have to use this to your advantage and reap the rewards of your opponent’s lack of best online poker ability.

Only Draw with the Right Pot Odds

Playing simple poker live includes only drawing to hands when you have the right price. This will actually happen often at this level because many of your opponents will bet very small amounts throughout the hand without realizing they could be outdrawn on. It wouldn’t be a bad play to call a little bit more than you should in some situations because at these levels the implied odds are much higher because if you do hit the draw you can probably get your opponent to call a big bet on the river.

Remember Your Opponents are Fish

An important thing to remember at the small stakes is that your opponents are not very good poker players. These means do not make any complex plays because they will be completely lost on your simple-minded opponents. Just keep your play simple and let the small stakes player’s donk off their chips to you.

Happy playing!


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