Harder Poker Tells to Hide


Online Poker Tells : You Cant Hide During Poker Tournaments

The poker tournaments are getting as much popular in India as are the online poker games! Poker tournaments are tricky yet entertaining, just like the poker online.  

The game of poker has its moment. Sometimes it seems that the game is easy to play. Obviously, it looks easy and fun to play when you have decent hands to play with and take down your opponent. Whether you are a pro or a beginner of the game, during poker tournaments, in spite of the strength of your hand, your body gives out some automatic responses at the high situations. In spite of your best efforts, it might be tough to control them. 

The mind and body moves in mysterious ways. Here are a few tells most online poker players and poker tournaments players can’t help but give off: 

Twitchy fingers: 

There can be moments in the online poker game when the stress and increased blood flow may cause your fingers to tremble. The higher the stress, higher gets the trembling. Not much can be done to avoid this. You can just train yourself to lower your heart rate and breathing frequency. 

The unintended grin: 

When you are making a full or semi bluff, it can be tough to control the sides of your mouth and your eyes. Any movement at that space may give away your opponent take out extra information about your hands at online poker table. 

If this thing appears in your case, the best solution is to act as if you meant to do it and give your opponent one creepy stare. 

The cracking voice:

Be sure not to talk much and keep your words to minimum. If it is not absolutely essential to speak, don’t. If you are trying to disguise a bluff, two or three wrong words or changes in your tone can tip off to the strong opponent sitting across your table. On the contrary, if you’re trying to induce a call sometimes too much talk can unveil your confidence.  

Generally, it is better to remain silent and allow the opponent know nothing about. What you are thinking or, more crucially, how you are feeling about the online poker game. 

The shifty eyes:

The online poker players who do not wear sunglasses at the table, it should be clear that even if you are keeping your body or head still. Your eyes are bound to move when you are excited. Relying on how you are as a player, if you attempt to force a fold by staring at someone you might find that your actions are actually enticing the player to call.  

Whether your bet was a huge bluff or for value, you should keep your gaze calm and stationary. Eye contact with the opponent may trigger the abovementioned “unintended grin.” 

The Gulp:

Even if it’s just your weekly ₹500 sit-and-go online poker game. The tension in these scenarios can make it feel like your whole body is being suffocated by some big thing. It comes down to a one-on-one psychological battle and all you can think about is how, unexpectedly, you feel like you’ve been stranded somewhere without water for three days. Then it happens: the Gulp. It’s expected; just hope no one notices. 

Have a gala online poker time! Happy playing!