Eggs, Cats and the Game of Online Poker


Online Poker Story With Eggs & Cats

The game of online poker and newspaper shares a deep link. A century ago, newspaper was the tool to bring news and entertainment for the common people. Poker first became well known game and one of the favourite pastimes amongst American people.  

It is slowly and gradually now that the game of online poker has spread to a broader area in European and Asian nations, in particular at Indian states.  

The earlier newspapers printed some exciting stories whenever they could get about the online poker game. And offered entertained in poker stories for the common people. Let us explore two of the very interesting tales about the poker game, coming straight from the past. Let’s together relive the past. 

Use of eggs for poker stake:

That was the decade of “the roaring twenties”, and as per one article in the Powder River County Examiner, pennies were a rare thing for the common people during the year 1921. The article says the men of the town were adamant that their poker game couldn’t die, no matter how broke they were. In those times, they needed this diversion more than ever. 

Thus, the group of men together came up with a plan. They started using eggs for poker stake. The amn who suggested “egg ante” was labelled a genius as eggs appeared to be the most common commodity in town at the time.  

The article had the subtitle, Farmers of the Billings District Discover New Use for Hen Fruit,” implies availability by using a pet name for eggs. According to the reporter, “All of the members arose and called him blessed. The games went on.” 

The people of the town were already accustomed to trade eggs for the other food items, such as flour and sugar, which made value easy to establish. During the night, farmers gathered with the eggs gathered for the day and one or two farmers would drive to town and “cash in” on the work. 

 Cats being used as chips:

A cat fight like never before became the headline of The Herald. And News of Newberry, South Carolina, on Christmas Day in 1903. The source was a correspondent for The New York Sun. Who got the chance to gather the news of the strangest online poker game ever played. It was a dual between Pete Snelling and “Old Man” Booker of Clarkson. 

And the news was two men wanted to be known as the biggest “cat lady” around their town and used poker to determine the winner. The two men used “cats and kittens” as chips and they were shuffled between rooms, crates and boxes throughout the game. Each of them had a box to corral his chips, and there was one box for the pot. A kitten was worth half as much as a grown cat.  

Snelling started the game with about 50 cats and 20 kittens. There was no mention of how many chips Booker had at the beginning of the game. Though, at one point, things got a bit wild, and Booker had to request for more time to bring more cats with him. In less than six hours, he returned with 20 cats and 6 kittens. Both the players raised the limits and resumed the poker game. At the end, Snelling won the online poker game with more than 100 cats and kitten. 

Have you heard these tales before? We bet not! Happy playing online poker games!