Preventing Identity Fraud & Theft


A successful poker website! Running it involves numerous challenges. Apart from providing robust poker software, poker operators require to devise lucrative promotional campaigns. And boast a terrific customer support.

Another, frequently less spoken about characteristic of running every day operations is risk and transactions management. Incessant monitoring of tables for fraudulent activity is crucial in offering fair chances to all online poker players.

The steps taken

Most of the online poker operators are now setting up teams. These teams rigorously track suspicious player activity without neglecting this key area. Such fraud analyst team recognize the fraudulent by making correlations between a user’s digital identity. Looking at whether devices, locations and IP addresses, have been associated with bad play in the past.

They also detect multiple accounts originating from the same device or IP address. And flag those as high-risk indicators of false play.

We, the PokerLion Team, suggest the poker online players to take some necessary steps from your end. And prevent your identity theft.

Note the following steps

  • Never begin any game at a new online poker site. Start when the security section of their website is properly read and understood.
  • Remember that you have to give your financial or bank account details to make game deposits. So be clear on the poker site terms and conditions!
  • The systems implemented by online casinos include methods to secure your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

You can’t play your poker online game while being paranoid that someone is watching you and trying to grab your identity. This isn’t just an online incidence, scams like credit card identity theft occurs in real life as well. People have paid at restaurants, the server has taken the credit card details, racked up major charges on them. And the unwary victim finds huge billings incurred in their card monthly declaration.

Hence, before playing online, you should really see how identities are being protected in the site that you wish to visit and play for online poker real money. The website should state in detail how they make your remain in their site worry free and secured. Numerous online poker site like us, take extra steps. So that you know who’s a real employee of the company and who’s just a player.

Happy playing!