Good Time To Fold Your Hand


Folding a decent hand surely sounds like an unwise idea but at times it can really save you a hell lot of money and also helps you win a poker game. For any poker tournaments in India a player folding his strong hand is one of the utmost challenges while playing the game. But, it is also one of the most critical skills that all pro must be trained. 

Folding a bad hand is quite easy and all of us can do that. But it takes real talent and expertise to know when you require to ‘laydown’ although you have a flush. Fact is folding is the key to long-term and reliable victory in poker online. Today we are going to take a look when you should fold. 

Trust your Instinct 

Picture this. You are at the table at a poker live and you get the feeling that your hand might not be as decent as it must have been. Let’s say your subconscious gives you signals and it is very important that you pick up those signals. You have to always trust your senses by following what your instinct is telling you. Poker pros frequently do this impulsively with total precision. But, for others like us, it is an important poker skill we require to build up. 

Spot the Warning Signs 

When playing online poker India, you are bound to meet a number of threat signs from a few of the basic moves made by your challengers. Once you are careful and you spot these signs, it normally means your challengers have something threatening up their sleeves and they are prepared to make their big move in the next card. Watch the chips. If one of the challengers has put in more than the odds for a straight draw or a flush or maybe even emerges of position, there is a decent reason why they are undertaking that. 

If you notice that some players have called all your bets even when you had a name of playing decent hands only, then it likely they are very sure about their hands and you require taking this with utmost sincerity. 

Time for Poker Maths 

Further than your instincts and warning signs, a number of sincere poker maths can also help you know when to fold. This can not only help you out to make better decisions but also allow you to win big at poker events in India. Although math might sound scary to a few, it is really quite basic when it comes to poker.  

Folding a decent hand is always hard as we feel that we just might lay down a winning hand. But it is frequently vital when you play poker games as it can be the difference between winning and losing the pot. Thus, you need to develop this skill and gain the poise that folding can be the apt thing to carry out. 

Good luck at the game!