Bluffing Basics & Slowplay Subtlety


You can confess to us, we won’t mind. If you are a mid level poker online player, you didn’t understand bluffing fully when this journey began. 

Poker is an incredibly mental game. Beyond knowing the odds and the hands, it’s loads about the psychological manipulation of those around you. Getting into your challengers’ heads and deliberately leading their thought patterns to get a desired effect. Bluffing is a big part of the manipulation online poker game. 

Many players have a quite basic view about bluffing. While it is surely a chief element of the game. Many players first saw bluffing, like player just decided to try stealing a random pot. Many thought they just have to pretend having a great hand. When they didn’t and they play really strong when they were really weak. 

But, now it is evident to many players hat view is only partly true. And that bluffing or more largely “false play” which covers a broad range of actions. Both blatant and subtle! Let’s talk about a few of these false play actions: 

Basic Bluff

The basic bluff is betting like you have good cards. When you in fact do not, trying to make your challengers fold. The basic bluff is most useful in NL Hold’em games where a player’s entire chip stack is at risk in any given hand. Bluffs are normally best tried against only one or two other challengers. A basic bluff can be blatant, like playing strongly from the beginning like you are holding KK. But it can also be more subtle, like making a big bet from a late position when a scare card appears and your challenger is checking hoping for a cheap draw. By betting big on the scare card, you are signalling that you’ve made a good pair or have finished your hand. If your challengers don’t yet have a hand, they are perhaps not willing to go against your clear made hand, so they fold. 

By No Means Bluff

If the stakes are tiny, don’t ever worry bluffing under any situations. You’ll never be able to push anyone off their cards. Really, nothing you do is liable to influence the other players at all. With micro-stakes, everyone is just playing their cards and if they want to see the river, you’re not going to be able to push them off of any hand, no matter what your bet is. You might as well be unseen.  

Pseudo Bluff

This is one of the more subtle false plays on hand of poker online game. The flop has just come down. You are playing when you only have a high card hand looking for a draw, but your options of ending up with a hand on the turn or the river are really pretty civilized.  


This is a great instrument for your false play store which should always be kept set as the value it delivers can be quite unbelievable. In one example of this type of false play, you’re in premature position, the flop’s come down and you’ve got the nuts. A couple of your challengers after you are in the hand. You know you are going to win, but you don’t want to scare them off with a strong opening bet. So instead of matching your strong hand with a strong bet, you just check instead, indicating weakness to your challengers in the hope that this will encourage them to bet up the pot. Preferably, you get them too invest in the hand to wish to get out, and then you bet a lot on the river. It’s an excellent manoeuvre for maximizing the value you get from your nut hand.

Happy playing!