5 Poker Term Real Poker Players

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All communities have their own practices and customs and the world of poker is no diverse. Players dress in a certain way, they treat their bankroll in a particular manner. And they talk in a particular manner. Many phrases exist in our daily language which comes from poker online. 

There are, thus, a few additional words that the online poker world has developed that simply do not work unless they are used in the situation of playing poker. Here are our five favourites: 

Under The Gun (UTG) 

A player deemed ‘under the gun’ when they sit right away to left of player posting big blind. In terms of strategy, it is one of the weakest positions at the poker table. As you act first in every round of betting all through the hand. Confident poker online players have used the perceived weakness of being ‘under the gun’ to trick their opponents about their hand strength by acting strong when in that position. 


Being called a ‘nit’ is not a term of kind word. Poker players such as action and they can only win your chips. ‘Nits’ are very tight players and your opponents will be irritate when you fold most hands, avoid chasing draws, and only play with premium hands. 

Being unsurprising at the poker table is a bad idea and if your opponent continues to bet when it is clear you must have with Aces, Kings, Queens, or Ace-King as you are a nit, they could be exploiting your inclination to play poker very tight. So being ‘nitty’ is not essentially the key to poker success. 


The term donkey is abbreviated into ‘donk’ and this term is focussed at poker players who play poorly. Frequently the term is used in irritation when a player sucks out and gets lucky, and usually, your choice of starting hand may as your opponent to state you are playing like a ‘donk’. 


Luck is an essential part of poker as it is keeps poor players coming back and it should be celebrated. ‘Sucking out’ on the opponent means you hit an unlikely card, but of course you must have had outs to hit and they forget that. So you simply smile and pretend it was a mishap. Only you will know whether you got lucky or whether it was a calculated play. Either way, you won the pot, even if it took a filthy suckout on your part to get there! 


A truly wonderful word, to “bink” something means you have won a large amount of money and one such use of the word could be “I have binked the prize.” There is a subtle deception in the use of the term as when you say “bink” it implies a degree of luck without actually saying it. 

Enjoy these words and happy playing!