5 Reasons Of Poker Not Being Game Of Luck Totally


Every pro poker player in the world hates to be termed as “professional gamblers” as it’s not an appropriate title for them. Why? Because they know firsthand that poker is not actually a game of luck or chance.

Sure, we are thankful to have luck in online poker and wish we could save it for our forthcoming games. But in several ways, luck is really the enemy of a good poker player. Primarily, let’s take a swift look at luck from the view of a bad poker player. At least half the time when a bad player wins a pot, he will have been lucky to do it. In a poker game, bad player has a million ways to be lucky.

Alternatively, good poker players play poker with their skills. Certainly, they still get fortunate every now and then, but they have been obtaining pot odds on that draw and will have built the pot appropriately as well. Good poker players will always take action precisely in any given scenario.

Here we have listed the 5 reasons why poker is not a game of luck completely.

Read on those 5 reasons:

Poker includes discipline, patience andconcentration. Without those aptitudes, a poker player cannotwin at a poker game as the challengers can easily divert the player.
Pokerneeds the skill of psychology to assess thechallengers’ hands. You have to be capable to reads your challengers and carefully estimate every single move they make at the game.
Pokerneedsmathematical intelligence to analyse things such as pot odds, implied odds, and outs, which are very crucial factors to determine who’s going to win.
Just like chess, pokerneedsthe brainpower to plan in advance, to make a solid tactic, and to correctly combine the cards prior making a decision.
Just like any other sports, pokerneedsknowledge and years of experience before someone can be a pro player. The more you play poker, the better you will be.
You see, poker is not just about what cards you get. Everybody gets the same amount of cards at some point – it’s how you play those cards wisely. In fact, a poker player can turn losing hands into winning hands if he uses his skills during the game.

With luck out of the question, a poker player with the right skills is always going to play better again and again.

Happy playing!