9 Poker Superstitions That You Ought To Know

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Superstitions linger in every culture and nation, regardless of how contemporary and progressive those people might be. So it appears hardly unbelievable that there are superstitions in the wonderful world of poker online too. Here we will share a few of these often-interesting, crazy, weird, or even totally funny poker superstitions practiced by many people to ward off an unpleasant eye. 

Poker Superstition #1 

All superstitions are irrational and perplex our sense of logic. One particular famous online poker superstition many players religiously believe in is wearing the colour red. It is because red is globally acknowledged as the colour of good luck. 

Poker Superstition #2 

It is normally believed that if players sit backward of any poker table, it will bring them bad luck. 

Poker Superstition #3 

A player might cast an impact on his luck if he discards the four of clubs or spits on his cards or won’t give permission to his opponents for putting their feet on his chair. 

Poker Superstition #4 

You can eliminate bad luck if you wear filthy clothes while playing online poker. 

Poker Superstition #5 

You might ‘cross out of luck’ in case you sit cross legged! 

Poker Superstition #6 

Poker players frequently throw down candies and other equivalent items on the floor in the expectation of distracting misfortune. 

Poker Superstition #7 

A large number of poker players assume that the worst hand in poker is pocket jacks. What it essentially means though is really something quite else. Pocket jacks are the most misplayed hand in online poker games. This hand, in spite of being a very good starting hand, is normally the trickiest. In fact it is beyond the capability of average players to try out this hand at the top notch level regularly in a game that is previously quite tough. This is what led to the birth of this specific superstition.

Poker Superstition #8 

Another well-known superstition is that if a player handles an all-in against a draw each time, his draw might be a hit. Players who have confidence in this superstition generally gloat over every single win and mourn every single loss.

Poker Superstition #9 

There is another regular poker superstition about the zero winning strength of pocket aces. There are numerous poker players who really are convinced about the ability of pocket aces to make money in the long run is really low in comparison to how much they lose! But, this specific superstition is equally as baseless as the others. If you consistently fail to make any cash with your pocket aces, this means you should go right back to your fundamentals and relearn the poker game throughout. The truth is, winners consider that pocket aces are the numero uno cash winning strategy. 

Happy playing!