A Short Guide to Poker Betting Limits


To be a successful in online poker game a player needs to learn how betting works. To be an expert in betting takes plenty of time and practice. There are several methods of making a bet. And each has its own rules and format that many other aspects of the game. Making small bets can turn the poker game more exciting.

Hence, if you decide to place some money in on a game of poker, you require knowing what to do to walk away from the virtual table with more cash in your wallet. Here are a few of the basics of betting and the distinct forms that it can take:


The ante in poker is basically a bet you have to make before you witness your cards. Antes help to form the pot before any cards are dealing. These bets are compulsory and give players more of a stake in every hand. The ante can vary depending on how you play poker online. But, understanding what changes require one of the most vital skills as you move towards the game. Normally, the larger the ante, the more hands you need to be willing to play to stay floating. If the ante is small, though, you can play little percentage of hands, as the cost per hand of folding is fairly low. The size of the pot is relative to stack sizes and how aggressive or conservative some players are.

Knowing the ante is very essential. It can help you evaluate which games you should be sitting in. And how you ought to be playing in them. Involving in a game with a very high ante and plenty of strong players if you’re a learner will be a very delicate position to be in.


Blinds are also bets making before any cards are dealing to rouse the betting. While related to an ante, there is a distinction between the two. While antes are a small bet by each player to stay at the gable, blinds are bets that just the two people following the dealer are needed to make.

Normally there are two blinds – a big and a small. Betting follows the dealer button around the table. The player posting the small blind is the one sitting to the left of the dealer, whereas the player who posting the big blind is sitting to the left of the player posting the small blind.

Poker Limits

There are three main betting structures in poker: no limit, fixed limit and pot limit. Knowing each form is crucial to be successful in the game. Players need to know when to place a bet, raise or fold, to check or to move all of your chips. Thus, players must select to play more carefully or more aggressively, as any small error might cost them whole lot.

No Limit

Several players are drawn to this variation of the poker game, as no limit is a blend of skill and action. You can bet your whole amount of chips at any point during a hand. In Texas Hold‘em, players are faced with three options: check (or call), bet (or raise) and fold. To call is to match the previous bet, to raise is to increase the size of the bet, and to fold is to set down your hand and wait until the next deal. A smallest bet is identical to the size of the big blind and a highest bet is based on the amount of chips you have. The least you can raise is the size of the last bet once the betting has started. The number of raises in any betting round is limitless and efficiently every raise must at least double the earlier bet.

Fixed Limit

This is the basic form of betting and is popular in online poker game. This type of betting needs a certain skill, or well-timed aggression. There are fixed betting limits, where the size of the bet decides gameplay. There are a set number of raises you can make before the betting is capped. Depending on the poker table, the action is typically capped at four or five bets, at which point players no longer have the choice to raise; they can only call or fold.

Pot Limit

Pot limit refers to the highest bet being the full held in the pot at any time. It’s basically a game between no limit and fixed limit. You can’t bet all your chips every time you please, but you can bet but much is in the pot at that time – there is no limit to the number of raises allowed.

To be a steady winner, you have to be able to tally the pot size and analyse a total pot-sized raise on the spot. Pot limit is more odds-based than no limit & having rule of the pot is a key part to winning.

Now, we hope you will have less difficulty in playing poker. Hence, have a happy poker time!