Learning Poker Online The Right Way


Improving at poker online can be a scary experience. The game is so complex that it often feels like there is no way you will ever discover all of the concepts and apply them while playing the game. Improving at poker takes patience and time, but with the right move, it not only becomes more competent but also a lot less traumatic.

Don’t Try to Do Everything at Once

When you read a poker book or watch a video your wits gets flooded with fresh notions. While you’re learning it sounds easy to add in all of the fresh things you learned into your game and start crushing your challengers. You want to absorb all the info at once and fully turn your game around. Then when you take a seat to play you feel overwhelmed as there is an excess of info that your mind hasn’t well digested yet.

The key to this problem is to take things gradually. When you read a chapter which covers C-betting the flop, take your time to strengthen this new information until you feel totally comfortable with it. You can give yourself a time, for instance one week, in which you will disregard everything else and just concentrate on this subject.

When you’re preparing to play, apply the new idea the only aim of this round. This also helps with preventing results-oriented thinking which is a big problem among poker players and a major source of tilt. You should never concentrate on how much money you win or lose in a game. The variation in online poker is so big that a single round or even 10 rounds in a row are totally pointless. Improve your game the goal every time you play poker and only check your results after some time or so. You will discover that not just will you be less prone to tilt; you will also have plenty fun if you concentrate on the tactical aspect of the game rather than hoping for big wins in every round.

Learn From Your Mistakes

If you don’t make errors, you’re not getting better. It’s as straightforward as that. But if you wish to get better you have to dare yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Yes you will lose cash every time you make a error. Yes you will get aggravated at first. But if your aspirations are to become a great player you totally have to realize that learning from your errors and not beating yourself up over them will set you on the path to come up to online poker with a constructive and positive mindset.

This frame of mind isn’t reduced to poker by the way. It extends to all aspect of life and all victorious people out there have realized the significance of appreciating errors and set-backs as knowledge experiences. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you will fail a quantity of times. The thing that divides the people who find victory in the end from those that give up is that they make out provisional failures as part of the procedure and pick themselves up and try once more harder.

Consequently next time you launch a big river bluff just to get snap-called by the obvious huge your challenger was holding; don’t slam the table thinking that you are the worst player on the planet. Instead mark the hand and later evaluate what went wrong so you can play better when that state comes up again in the future.

Pick the Right Resources

There is an irresistible amount of info about poker online out there. You can learn from books, videos, forums and blogs. You can analyze your flaws by looking at your stats, working through hand histories or by hiring a coach. With all of those different options it’s important to find out what works best for you.

A lot of this comes down to personal preference but there are a few important things to consider when choosing how to improve your game.


In our opinion books are the best resource for people new to play poker. When you’re just starting out you need to develop a fundamental understanding about the basic strategy of the game. Watching a high level pro play a round will only confuse and intimidate you. Furthermore a book allows the author to deliver his information in a very concise and elaborate way. It’s a lot easier to explain a complex concept on paper than it is on video, especially when the author has a style of writing that is easy to follow.


Videos are a great resource for improving because they give you a glimpse into the mind of winning players. You can watch the pros at work and see how they handle different situations in real time.

Happy learning time!