Making your Opponents Pay for their Verbal Tell

online poker

Around a poker online table, you will encounter opponents who will say to you that you should fold meaning that they want you to call or really they want you to fold. Statements like this though should be ignored when the information available is just not enough for you to act on. The best thing to do is ignore what your opponents say when you are in doubt.

Do not let the statements of the other poker games online players affect your decision. If you consider what your opponents say and use it with your cards, then you were clearly manipulated. Over time, you might able to come up with statements which can affect other players and make them call or follow your lead. The natural way is not to follow you so eventually you will be able to get more calls.

You do not even have to think about what your opponents say. If you think deep about their statements or try to solve what they really mean, then they have succeeded in manipulating you.

Know about the scenario at the poker table

Remember too that you can use their words against these players. Here is a scenario. You will have opponents that talk about their hands or talk about your hands in best online poker. You will notice that these people will not say anything about the hands that can beat their cards. If they feel that you have monster aces, and of course they cannot overpower, they will not mention it or shut up and just pray that you fold. In case you hear them talking about your aces, they most likely can beat you.

If the other player is waiting for you to react after a big bet and then mentions hands along the way, he most likely can beat all the hands that he mentioned. Of course there will be exceptions but this is among the consistent verbal tells that you can find at poker online India tables.

Remember, ignore what they say when in doubt. Do not try to decode what they say and not allow them to manipulate your game.

Happy playing!