Play A Decent Poker Game By Observing Your Challengers


In the modern times, it is said online poker can be played with smart thinking and bluffing. But there is another thing you can do, and that is analyze your challengers. And picking up on styles of play that can make all the difference when the game really gets going?

Firstly, observing how other players are betting, even when you are not involved in the pot, is a must.

The most widespread errors, in particular amongst inexpert low-limit players, is that they will see the ‘flop’ in Hold’em, for instance, with hands they should have folded, they will call when they should fold and they play their hands long after it’s clear they’re beat. In short, they play poker too loose.

You will hardly ever see a novice low-limit Hold’em player play too conventionally or too tight. If they have the alternative of either calling or folding they will roughly always decide to call. They came to play and it’s no fun for them to fold without calling one last final bet to see what you have.

The key difference between inexpert low-limit players and medium/high-limit players is that the latter do a lot more raising pre-flop. If you ever find yourself in a game where there is an undue amount of raising going on even the flimsiest of cards, that’s a positive sign you are up against a talented player and it’s worth thinking about getting out!

Second last tip; always presume your challenger is better than you until you have clear proof to the contrary. Over buoyancy is a sin in this game!

And the last tip for you is to exchange new information with players, and read poker online related literature – it really helps!

Good Luck and happy gaming!