Popularity Of No-Limit Tournaments & Cash Games


No limit tournament poker is far more popular than cash-games in general and limit-games in particular. As many as, 75% of the poker online players might be engaged in Hold’em tournaments. Having played enough tournaments, it is easier to make the shift into the no-limit world. No-limit is the most popular of all cash games.  

Thanks to media exposure. It is tournaments that inexperienced and new players often choose to join. And where they are easy to exploit. You can find free-roll tournaments at almost any time. This makes them convenient for cautious novices. They try a few games without deposit. And perhaps make a few lucky wins to support the beginning of their poker careers.  

Sit-and-go tournament game

In a sit-and-go tournament game, the player enters with a fixed deposit and then only plays for chips, not money. This makes for a much less stressful game than the cash game. This relaxing nature accounts for its popularity as well as media coverage, and one may even gain his 15 minutes of fame as a star poker player. 

The importance of distinguishing between the oft-played and fast paced SnG tournaments and the less readily available MTT where the games go on stressful forever, cannot be overstated. A player taking part in an MTT will not be able to leave the table without losing his investment. This requires that the player must have the endurance for endless hours of complicated play. These games require tenacity and a marathon-like endurance to avoid lapsing into a depression, becoming too inert to get up and leave, and yet too distracted to play poker online game. Add to this high dispersion, even though the final three remaining at the table stand to gain a lot.  


MTTs are also inaccessible even in the online situation. Depending upon where you are playing you may find yourself able to locate a game only in wee hours. Add to that little is written about tournament and no-limit games. The literature that does exist is mostly geared toward psychological strategy rather than strategies of technique.  

It is not that difficult to transition from cash to MTT. There is a close resemblance between them actually. There are less drawbacks to cash games than to MTT. Lots of players are of the opinion that no-limit cash games offer more capability to foresee results. It is in any case the easiest form of the cash game to find. This has an abundance of players on fire to join games and come out as huge winners. Because there is so little written about it. There is ample opportunity for talented player to use their skills of perception to successfully manipulate their less talented opponents.  

With cash games, the literature is more available and growing. But even if it does have merit, it is not precise, lacks substantial guidelines. And weighs heavily on the potential of the assorted individuals gathered around the table. The only way to become expert then at no-limit cash games is through the experience of playing. And closely observing your opponents. Thereby piling up a memory of observations to carefully draw upon when involved in future. And just as unpredictable games!

Dispersion is most vicious in no-limit games. And even good players may lose as many as half a dozen buy-ins in one session. Not something just anybody can easily bare or afford. 

Happy playing!