Rise of Women Poker Players in India

pokerlion_blogs_img_Rise of Women Poker Players in India

India is a colourful country known for numerous great things. From being the largest democracy of the world to being the most populous country, India is great. It is one of those nations where you can discover the most cricket and football crazy lovers. The national sport of India is hockey but it is cricket and also football which rules the heart of Indians.

After these two games, the next sports game which is close to the heart of the Indian youth is Poker. Even though this indoor skill game might not have jumped into your mind initially. And it might come as a revelation to many, but reputation of poker is growing enormously in India.

And now, India is gradually moving towards legal poker rooms. It also arranges national events for thousands of full-time poker pro. With the rising number of poker fans, you can now find a lot of poker rooms in different states and loads of poker online sites in India.

What’s new?

Poker as a skill game has made a particular mark among Indian women. For now, you may not find equal contribution of women poker players in national poker competitions. But this number is gradually and certainly redefining the poker scene. These days, you can also discover lots of Indian women wearing poker themed clothes. They wear tees with beautiful poker quotes, skirts with poker chips print, cap and many other types of attire.

Poker is still regarded as a taboo in India but this setting is altering. Famous poker players such as Billie Brown, Marsha Waggoner and Susie Isaacs have created an impression in the world poker at that time when poker was regarded as a man’s game. When it comes to women poker players of India, the figure is not big. But there are few ladies who are now in the Indian Poker circle. 

Players like Muskan Sethi, Nikita Luther, Maria Kirloskar, Shuchi Chamaria Agarwal and some more like these ladies are the master poker players in the Indian poker scenario.

Indian women are taking a additional leading role and are playing the online poker game at a sombre level in the poker world. And, poker has also appeared to be a game where women are reaching the upper levels and also making an income grinding it out online.

Happy playing!