The Professional Poker Player Lifestyle

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Pro Poker Player Lifestyle

Many people picture the pro poker player lifestyle as one of fame, and riches. Perhaps it is true for a handful of players playing really good in tournaments. Or for online poker players who are at the top right now. An overwhelming majority of people who play this game for a living or as a side income has normal lifestyle. 

Their poker lifestyle is one that you are probably more familiar with from your own day to day life. It is one of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Sure, there is the freedom to set your own schedule that comes along with being a pro poker player.  

Winning at poker online does not just revolve around the decisions that you make once you sit down at the tables. How you manage your life away from the tables can actually have a much bigger impact on your results than you might think.  

Work Ethic 

Initially, everything starts with work ethic. If you can’t get yourself to sit down and play each day or even most of the days, then you are never going to master online poker as a game and never be a pro. Playing poker professionally needs dedication and the capability to play even when you don’t want to play. There will be many days when you don’t feel like it for a variety of different reasons. You have to cut through all that and play. 

Make Time to Play Poker 

If poker is a grave pursuit to you then it needs to come first before anything. One of the best ways to help yourself in this regard is to set a regular schedule each day for when you play. Numerous people are different and prefer to play poker at nights or midday though. It doesn’t matter, just set a schedule and follow it. 

Make Time to Study Poker 

You need to schedule time to study poker each week as well. Many players choose the study time in the afternoon or on weekends. The players who are serious about their professional career review hands of the games they have played before or earlier week and look into ways to improve the overall game. 

Taking Care of You 

Poker is not like a regular job. Poker needs constant focus and attention to detail. It needs you to be mentally sharp and prepared at all times. In order to consistently be in this state we need to work harder than most people on taking care of our mind and body. But, the numerous poker players who play as pro are still sadly inadequate. 

Being prepared both physically and mentally needs three things above all else: a healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep at nights. 

Having big dreams about poker is great. There are many awesome things about playing poker as a pro. But a pro has to understand that this is also a very demanding job that most people are simply not cut out for. 

Happy playing!