Top Sports Celebs Who Love to Play Poker


Whether it is casual games just for time pass or high stakes tournaments, a number of the biggest celebs from the sports world are passionate about the poker game. Numerous top sport personalities have turned their hand to the poker as their hobbies or secondary careers.

You might ponder, what is the appeal of poker for the sports people? For numerous, it’s the feeling of familiarity which they discover in an outlet for drive and performance. For many others, it is the sense that poker is a competition which plays out on a level playing field.

Take a glance at some of the most talented and famous sports celebs who enjoy playing poker live or playing poker online just as much as poker pros love.

Shane Warne 

Who doesn’t remember the former top Australian spinner Shane Warne? He retired from the cricket team in 2007 and since then he has been practicing his poker skills. Shane Warne’s biggest success in poker came in 2015 at the WSOP where he had a striking run. He even had fruitfully overthrown prolific poker player Ole Schemion.

Fatima Moreira de Melo 

A former Dutch field hockey player of Portuguese descent, Fatima is one of the successful women hockey players of her time. The highlight of her hockey career was in 2006, where she led her country to the top spot at the Women’s Hockey World Cup. Ever since hanging up her hockey stick Fatima has turn into a well-known face in the poker live world.

Richard Seymour 

Former American football player Richard Seymour is perhaps one of the leading names on our list. Having enjoyed a highly successful football career, the former New England Patriot has now quickly developed into a fearsome poker player, taking part in several of the world’s biggest poker tournaments. He has already proved to his critics that he isn’t just a part time poker player. We have no doubt we will be seeing the NFL and poker pro in action more and more.

Boris Becker 

A former international tennis star Boris Becker, won six Grand Slam Titles in the 90’s before his retirement in 1999. His biggest success was when he won the men’s singles at Wimbledon at the very young age of 17. After his retirement in the late 90’s Becker has become a keen poker player. Beginning out in around 2007, today Boris Becker can be found playing at Europe’s top poker tournaments. His best performance saw him rank in the top 50 of the World Poker Tour Championship in 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Unless you live in a cave you’ve most likely heard the name Cristiano Ronaldo. The international football star is one of the big sporting champions in the play poker scene. This Brazilian footballer is still playing football professionally but we can expect him to be seen in poker world more often.

Happy playing!