10 Career Lessons from Online Poker Play

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Career Lessons From Online Poker

The scenario for the game of poker has developed in India over the past few years. From the casinos of Goa and novice players to the professionals playing online poker over weekends and on smartphone apps, poker is making trend in India. 

Like every other game, poker online has to offer numerous career or life lessons to learn for us.

Here are some good lessons for your career you can learn from online poker. 

10 Lessons You Can Learn From Online Poker Game

Pick the right table 

A online poker player who does not want to lose money knows that a table full of friends or vacationers catching up over coffee or drinks is a better option than a table full of pro online poker players. Likewise, picking a career or the right employer is the most vital decision you will take. Select one where your own skills are in short supply, have a direct impact on the business and the employer is willing to recognise your role. 

Keep improving 

One of the first few skills which an online poker player learns is the meaning of the hand combinations of the cards. The players also learn about the mathematical odds of success and calculation of risk relying on the number of players playing online poker, the size of their stacks, the position on the table and how many cards are yet to be dealt. Spot the basic skills needed for your job and master them. Your skills will grow with practice and so will your self-knowledge about how you reply to people and situations.  

Discipline compounds your riches 

The ability to constantly play online poker at a high standard is what creates sustainable hit in poker online. A single emotional terrible decision can wipe out the winnings of a total evening. Your wealth is built over long-term discipline in pursuing a career path in an industry or a skill set and building over your past successes. A single poor action can destroy your repute and integrity, denting your wealth a lot.  

It’s a lonely trip 

The online poker player traverses a lonely trip in his mind. He questions his choices when he is losing and cannot seek solace inside the game. In your profession too, you will be lonely. No one else can take your choices for you. You cannot seek sympathy at work for your poor decisions and have to bear the results alone. Get ready.  

Take the plunge 

Players who take zero risks always lose and slowly bleed away their stack over numerous hands while they wait for their dream cards. If you are afraid to try out new roles, or switch jobs, or accept that target, you will be trapped in a sense of false security and bleed with every passing year of your career. Go take that jump and always step out of your comfort zone to win big.  

Learn Life Lessons  From Online Poker Game

A bad hand is not the end 

A bad card situation can change when new cards are on the table and if you play the online poker game well. At work too, being the weakest in the team is not the end. You can build upon your output and a change in situations can push you to the top. Also, good times can turn too. So don’t take a promotion, bonus, your boss or even your job for granted.  

Enjoy the game 

Online poker works because people enjoy it in the right spirit. When playing for fun, players ignore rule violations, friendly indiscretions and distracting banter. When playing for serious money, players don’t seek emotional fulfilment on the online poker table. Similarly, pick a career you enjoy. At your workplace, don’t expect your team to fulfil your emotional needs. Keep your ego in check and never let your emotions run riot and take you away from your primary focus of career growth.  

The past is meaningless 

The past has no bearing on the present cards dealt in online poker. Each hand is played on its merits. Don’t carry baggage from your past employer, work culture, expectations or even failures into your current role. The new outcomes are not dependent on your past but on where you choose to be available and how you act now.  

Let the casino keep the rake 

In a casino, at the end of every hand, the dealer strips away 5% of the total winnings of the table for the casino. This is the rake, the fee for the casino to operate the business. Your employer likewise needs to survive and grow in business. While it creates opportunities for your growth and wealth, know that your employer’s goals need to be met first. Don’t forget to deliver results while you pursue your dreams. 

Walk away from bias 

Sometimes players cheat and a bunch of them play online poker in concert against the rest. If the dealer doesn’t take corrective action, then the table is biased against the lone player, who ultimately loses. Similarly, if you perceive extreme politics or discrimination, harassment, or bias that the employer is unwilling to change, then walk away and find a fair workplace.  

Have a happy online poker time!