3 Tips For Playing Poker Against Fishes


The craze for poker games is not new in India. If you are a regular poker player, you surely have come across bad player at some point of your poker game or as they are termed in the world of poker, fishes. 

You might have seen that the fishes are the easy targets to encash but in other way round they also make the game unpredictable. They are some strategies which might make things easier for the more experienced players. 

Here are a few poker online playing tips which will help you to plan your tactics to play poker with the fishes or bad players: 

Pick out your fish

You can compare the vast world of poker with oceans. Like oceans have various creatures, poker too has. Amongst them some are the fishes, who are extremely bad poker players, thought this can be exhibited from various perspectives. Some fish calls stations which never overlay to a wager, even with simply base match or Ace-high.  

There are other bad players who try to bluff often showing their over aggressiveness which is normally not needed. But it is your job to pull out maximum advantages from these errors after you have gathered sufficient information regarding the Fishes. 

Play stakes with no kindness

It has been normally seen that the playing pattern of bad poker players differ significantly. But there are some processes which will work most of the time. The ideal one is quality wagering hard and daily. Unfairly, most weak players ‘call’ continuously, whether it is preflop when they are hoping to hit large or post-flop.  

In fact, fishes do not have a clear strategy to which keeps them in total confusion constantly. To counteract, a decent poker online player needs a clear action plan. For example, at pre-flop, if you have a strong hand, just raise. You have a K-9 suited, which while not being a nice hand, still has the high chance of winning. Go strong in the first move to shake the fish at your table and this will place you in the position to win and you can take control of the game. 

Little bluffs only

It is never suggested to attempt large bluffs against bad players. It is not a productive methodology. In fact, smaller bluffs are more fruitful. They will help an online poker player to recognise the game play or thought procedure of the opponent without making huge losses. 

The above mentioned tips might not be stated as the poker winning tips but they will surely help you to cope with the bad players or fishes in the long run. 

Happy playing!