7 Worst Online Poker Mindsets that needs to be Improved

Worst Online Poker Mindset that Needs to be Improved

Poker is a mind game. Strategies, moves, bluffing -everything is in your head, and getting your head to function clearly and perfectly is the only way you can improve winning chances. However, real poker players in India are seen making mental mistakes most of the time and lose the game. 

Failures and obstacles are a part of every game, however, overshadowing your mind with sadness will make you a poor sportsman. Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner, getting rid of these mental blocks while playing poker games online or live will be fruitful for you in the long run. 

Problem 1: Thinking of playing every available hand 

In the quench of getting rich by playingonline poker India, almost all poker players have the mentality of playing every single hand or whatever hand they get. Even if the same doesn’t suit the game play strategy or is out of the skill level of the player! If you don’t have the skill, it’s natural that your game won’t be impressive. Being greedy will not fetch you positive results, not in poker at least! 

Problem 2: Neglecting the game when things are going wrong 

Let’s say that your game is going in a bad direction. You’re certain about your loss. What should you do? Most people give up on the game, stop thinking and play for the sake of ending the game. That’s not a professional sportsman spirit! A good player will always fight until the end. When it comes to playing real money poker  sites in India, then a simple move might change the game at the last stage. Who knows maybe your last move might make you a winner!

 Problem 3: Hiding poker strategies from friends 

Playing online poker alone can be boring. Sometimes the game may stretch for long sessions making the player mentally exhausted. This dullness can make you take some wrong decisions and weaken your game. The way you socialize with friends, make poker a part of your discussions as well! Talking about your strategies will help you get more ideas from your friends. You might just get a brilliant idea for your game play from the evening tea meetings! 

Problem 4: Zero-knowledge in mathematics 

Although you don’t need to be a genius in math, some basic knowledge and good hold over calculations are necessary. If you feel probabilities is not your cup of tea, then poker is not the right game for you. For real poker in India, keeping a better sense of the calculations will be an added advantage. 

Problem 5: Losing confidence and being afraid 

There’s no “sure winning strategy” in poker. However, many people play with a lot of apprehensions in their minds. Being afraid makes you a weak player and most of the time you’ll find aggressive players on the other side, hence stay cool, stay focused and be confident! That’s what can make you a winner.

Problem 6: Playing with a tired mind 

If your mind is blurred, then playing card games will not get you anywhere near to a win. Sometimes the players end up playing for unreasonably long hours and get mentally exhausted. The thirst of getting real money from poker In India, makes the players push their mental boundaries. This is, however, a completely wrong strategy. If you’re unable to think, your game will get hampered. 

Problem 7: Overthinking strategies 

Let’s say you’ve played more than 100 poker matches, then by now, strategies should be ready at your fingertips. However, there’s always a tendency of overthinking when the player is dealt with a tough hand. Even some of the best online poker players fall prey to their dicey state-of-mind and often take a call after excessively overthinking the same! 

Happy Playing !!

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