Alternate Friendly Careers for Poker Players


Obviously, it’s only through play poker online that can players develop the precise tricks to beat their opponents, but lots of careers give them a huge start. That’s why we see the same professions popping up repeatedly in poker. If you have one of these jobs but you haven’t got into poker, perhaps it’s time that you did. If you’re a good player who is struggling to make it in poker. You may wish to look at these industries to see if there’s value in there for you to grab. 


One might say a devoted, winning poker player is an entrepreneur. They took a big risk for a chance to be successful in a lifelong dream, or hit it rich, or both. Poker players and entrepreneurs use their intelligence to win, and their spirit to stay in the game. The similarities really outnumber the distinctions. 


The hold of math, the ingenuity and inventiveness, the logical mindset… they are all enormous assets when it comes to poker. And online poker players make great engineers, as they are always testing new theories, drawing insights from advanced study of the results, studying the work of others and applying established techniques to constantly achieve the desired outcomes. 


Its clear what makes investors, fund managers, financial analysts and many more, so good at poker online. They are used to taking risks, viewing losses and wins in a long-term context, and making informed, level-headed decisions with partial information. Poker skills are in their blood. 


Lawyers are great talkers at the table, but even when their mouths are shut, their minds are racing down many decision trees. Used to courtroom stress, they are cool and calculated. They are great at adapting their plan to counter yours on the fly — it’s what courtroom trial and defense is all about. 


As the marketing sector grows, we are also seeing numerous marketing professionals in poker online. When these folks aren’t too busy replying to clients around the clock, they can be a severe threat at the poker table. Many marketers are jacks-of-all-trades, and fit in a little bit of all from this list. 


In a game where most people are making very few errors, psychologists have a vast edge in knowing the reasons behind people’s choices. Their sense of your thoughts is often better than yours! Players who come from psychology backdrops may not be the stern number-crunchers of their opponents, but they more than make up for that by expecting next moves better than most. 


There are lots of athletes in poker. Poker players are drawn to the contest, to the conditioning, to the discipline. Numerous poker players, while not pro athletes, however pursue some athletic activity with great fervour. 

Happy career! Happy poker!