Life Lessons Learned by Playing Online Poker


Like several great games, within the poker online games are many great metaphors for living life fully and fruitfully. It was once said that you can learn everything you want to know about someone by playing 18 holes of golf with them. Well, the very same can be said for sitting across the PC with someone. Are they timid, reactive, abusive, arrogant, strategic, methodical, passive, confused, aggressive? What are they? 

You can learn an equal if not greater amount about yourself while playing if you just pay attention. Sadly, as in life, numerous people don’t take the time to reflect on what happened and learn from it. This can be their biggest mistake. Our patterns in life, and at the game where you can play poker online, run deep. To create the results we wish, we must know our tendencies and be aware enough to opt what is best for the instant, though it pushes up against what is secure for us. 

Here are a few insights that will maintain you both in life and at an online poker game: 

It is never just about the cards

The obvious parts of “the game” are only a small portion of what it takes to form winning hands and lasting fulfilment. Now, how you react to the situation is far crucial than the situation. Can you play 2 7 off suit the similar way you play Aces? Clearly, it’s hardly ever a good move, but can you do it. Can you let yourself to feel the same and respond the ways you are choosing to, as opposed to the way the cards are dictating you to? 

Confidence triumphs over hesitation

There are good plays and bad plays in life and poker, but a bad play made with courage, confidence and conviction will frequently result in a better result than a good play made with indecision and fear. Play full out. Bet on yourself. If you don’t think you are a good thing to bet on, get better, build your skills and become more. 

Pay attention to everything

Poker and life are full of feedback, always offering you with the info you can use. The poker table is ripe with interesting and useful titbits about all of the players. Look around. Take in the info. Learn. Just as in life, if you are focused too much on just yourself and what you have going on, you’ll miss most of the good stuff. 

Being on tilt rarely, if ever, pays off

Dramatic, reactionary, out of control, heated, steaming, not in your right mind, no self control, not a winning combination by any means. Bad beats are inevitable. Suck outs happen. They happen to all of us. The more you play the more of this you will experience. How quickly you recover from a tragic experience can be one of the biggest factors in long term success. In fact, how you even perceive the situation in the first place makes the most difference.  

Have fun

Can you lay it all on the line and still maintain your playful attitude? If life is truly a game, we just need to figure out what we are playing for, learn some rules and play. Just play. Play to win while enjoying the game. 

So pull out a chair, start your gadget and sit down. Open the best poker sites of India. Take some risks. Get to know your opponents. Understand your goal and go for it. At some point, to fully enjoy the game and your life, you have to go All In. Do it with style. 

Happy playing!