Boxing and Poker


Similarities Between Boxing and Poker

When you are passionate about some game such as the online poker, then you will not need us to tell you that it can and frequently it take to many years to bring perfection in the game and master the game. 

Let us tell you about another sport which is though not similar to poker online but is still similar to poker game in many aspects. In a boxing match no two boxers punch, jab or move around the ring in the exact same way and half of the battle of becoming a professional and successful boxer is taking time to perfect the art of that sport! 

So let’s find out what those similarities are: 

Boxing and Poker

You Need Patience 

Poker and boxing look like they are full of actions, but in real both of these sports need almost superhuman amounts of patience. Both of these sports need finding the right time to attack. Play at the right time is vitally important and for this the players need good amount of patience. 

Packing a punch 

Poker and boxing, both can deliver huge thrill. Everyone talks about the feeling of winning a poker tournament being like no other in mind-sports, and the same can be said of boxing. 

Good training 

If you are a boxer, then you will know the simple, hard truth about what it’s like getting into shape for the fight of your life, painful. Poker is less physically gruelling than boxing, but mentally poker is hard work. Both poker and boxing need regular training session mentally and physically respectively. 

Crowd pleasers 

Boxing has perennially entertained fans, and not just professionally. The sport of boxing may not be horse racing, which is nicknamed the ‘Sport of Kings’, but perhaps it is that of princes, the show-offs and show-men of the sporting world. What is poker but the sport of aces, then? Poker can be all kinds of entertaining to play in. Suddenly, we could see what each player could see at the same time, yet they couldn’t. Poker as an entertainment was truly born! 

Everyone chases titles 

This is one of the most common traits of poker and boxing. In both of these sports, the respective players chase the poker championship title. The battle in both the sports gets tougher at every corner for the championship till one gets it. 

Happy playing!