Dealing with Suited Connectors in Texas Hold’em Poker

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Playing suited connectors in online poker is not an easy task. It is very tricky and one wrong move can make you say goodbye to your stack of chips. If you have an average stack or a large one, it may give you the opportunity to play more hands see more cards. 

Suited connectors call for a good position in the online poker games. If you have a small stack on a preflop and you are in an early or mid-position, fold. This will help you keep the chips. If there will be some limpers, you may want to make a move in late position. 

Remember that you are not hoping for a pair or two but a flush or a straight. Getting pairs may place you in trouble. Always keep in mind why you are playing suited connectors. 

Play small raises in early or mid position

You have a bigger space in the game if you have a large or just an average stack. You can play some small raises during the early and mid-positions in online poker India. When a player after you raises on top of your bet, in most cases you need to fold. If a smaller stack player re-raises, then you can call but you have to know up to how much you are willing to risk. 

During late positions and you have a favourable stack of chips, you can dictate the game and steal some pots. 

Look for a flush or straight

On flop play when you have a small stack, look if you have a chance for a straight or a flush. If you have an open ended chance for a straight, it is most of the time wise to fold. 

If you have a good chance to hit a flush, depending on the size of the bet, it will be wise to call. In case a bet is made against you and you have the straight or flush draw, by all means play the hand with a re-raise or all in. There’s a good chance for good money – but keep in mind you’re getting the right odds. Also – pre-flop, your Queen Jack of Spades is much stronger than your deuce four of diamonds. Understand this! 

When you have a big or average stack during flop play, you have all the means to bully players around. Watch out though for the strategies of other players that might disguise their hand and overplay you – everyone can pick up pocket aces! 

Happy playing!