Myths about Texas Hold’em and the Challenge

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Myths can be useful at the poker games online. On the surface they offer possible explanations of why things are how they are. More than that, they keep believers from finding the truth, permitting those who know preferable to profit at the expense of others’. 

In poker online India, the plethora of myths undoubtedly keeps play interesting. Following are a number of the most pervasive ones, a lot of which encourage unskilled players to put more in the pot than they need to or prevent possibly good ones from participating in at all. 

Poker is a game of chance 

The inventor of this one obviously wanted to entice more novices to stop studying the game, give up calculating odds and put their chips in the hands of fate. Quite the contrary, scientific research has shown that a player’s talent is the single most important determinant of success. Winning poker online is about six parts skill for every part luck. 

Good players always win 

Even in cash games, the randomness of the cards is still a factor. Although good players succeed more than they fail-perhaps 60% or even 70% of the time-lose they most certainly do, walking away to play poker online another day. That means there is at least an opportunity for lesser players to take them down. 

Winners must be super aggressive 

Hollywood might like that script, and relentless pressure certainly has its place, especially in big money tournaments. But in cash play and limit games, it can actually work against a good player. Most successful professionals, like a Chip Reese or a Dan Harrington, are selectively aggressive. They can turn it on or off and will go full throttle only for short periods of time. 

Great poker players are born, not made 

There might be such a thing as “natural poker talent,” but it is no substitute for experience and learning. Many of the top players today have an aptitude for math; they are good with numbers and quick at making calculations. Others are masters of human psychology. But those are just foundations on which to build their poker online prowess. It takes playing in real game situations to develop one’s skills to the point of greatness. 

Poker is a man’s game 

This has to be true, right guys? Not to mention, there are dozens of other females who now play poker professionally. Sorry fellas, but it’s time to apologize to the ladies for this myth. 

Poker is all about reads 

Players who can identify poker tells and understand what they mean certainly have an advantage. But if that were the secret to success, nobody would ever be successful online, where opponents are faceless, bodiless and perhaps just poker bots with poor programming. It’s much more important to know how to play your own cards than to focus on mind reading. 

Bad players ruin the game 

In poker, bad players are the fish that feed the sharks. Even the ones that consistently overplay hands, raising when they should fold, staying in and catching lucky draws on the River, will eventually feed the chip stacks of the better players at a table. Bad players welcome! 

Losing bluffs help big hands win 

Folks who subscribe to this baloney truly believe that they can’t get opponents to go along with their monster hands unless it appears they might be bluffing. What nonsense! Although getting caught in a bluff isn’t the worst thing that can happen in poker, it should never be a player’s intention. The sole purpose of bluffing is to turn a weak hand into a winner, not to advertise incompetence. Good players win big on big hands regardless of whether they bluffed previously or not. 

Happy playing!