Does Poker Relate To Superstition?


Superstition has been part of human’s life for as long as anyone can consider. If you read history books and novels, you will see that life has always been rife with beliefs that are not essentially based on anything reasonable. That is the precise definition of a superstition – an irrational belief. You would think that with the heights technology and science have achieved, there would be no place for such faiths. Certainly, that is not the case. In most aspect of modern life, people cling to superstitions. Whether one is aware or not, it is likely that superstition has a place in one’s life. 

Poker online has always been seen by the mass as a game of luck. It would be a breeding ground for superstition – luck and such beliefs go hand in hand. Yet anyone who has had a few experiences playing poker would tell you that luck may be a factor but it is by no means the only factor. Actually, skill plays a larger role if you look at the bigger picture. So where does superstition blend in? 

Look into the lives of a few famous poker players – and even the not so famous ones – and the chances are that you would find various sort of lucky charm or lucky ritual somewhere. A few players have a rabbit’s foot keychain in their pockets. Others keep a special photograph in their wallets. Another quaint superstition involves coins. If, on your way to play poker online game, you see a coin on the ground, do not pick it up immediately. First see if it is laying face down. If it is, leave it alone – it will only bring you bad luck. However, if the coin is laying face up, then pick it up, put it in your pocket and Lady Luck will shine upon you during your game. 

Culture also affects the way one perceives luck. Numerous African Americans believe in mojo. This is a small pouch made of flannel in different colours. Mojos contain one magical thing or another. The mojo for money is green. In order to be effective, you must carry the green mojo on your person during a poker online game. 

If you are the type of person who does not go for the supernatural or spiritual, then you would not buy this sort of thing. Yet think about it, perhaps these good luck charms are effective in their own way. People who believe in them are affected in a positive way simply because of one thing – their belief. They believe that they will be lucky and this puts them in a optimistic mindset. You ought to know the power of the mind. Believing in one’s self has always been one of the factors for success. It is no different in poker. A four leaf clover in itself may have no magical powers but the person who believes that he will be lucky will come into a game more confident. That may just give him the push he needs to play and win. 

Superstitions may not be reasonable, but they do give you that emotional and mental edge! 

Happy playing!