Joker In The Game Of Poker


The wild card! The card of opportunity! 

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The extra Joker card in the deck of cards is assumed to have been discovered by American Euchre players. They when altering the rules for a time during the 1860s, decided that an extra trump card was needed. Initially he was called ‘The Best Bower” and in the later time ‘The Little Joker’ and even ‘The Jolly Joker’. It was in and around this time that other improvements and innovations began to show up. For instance as rounded corners replacing square and different types of corner indices. 

These Jokers, or extra cards, were first introduced into American packs around 1863. But, they reached quite late in England and other European nations. In the earlier eastern card decks there were no Jokers or any other cards equivalent to it in the Chinese Dominoes or the Indian Ganjifa cards. 

In numerous Japanese decks, an additional card can be located with a demon pattern but these were fairly distinct from Jokers. 

What researchers say?

According to the researchers, the name Joker came from German name Juker which was used for the Euchre game in Germany. The joker was mentioned in the 1886 book, Euchre: How to Play it. The Railway Euchre game which is explained in the book uses an additional card, the joker. 

Another theory is that the name could have been evolved from Poker, where it was mentioned first in the 1875 book American Hoyle. Both Euchre and poker spread in America at the same moment, so it is still not clear for which game the Joker was initially used. In the 1880s the Joker was first represented as a court jester or a clown. In a Tarot deck, the fool in the Trumps is fairly alike to the Joker. Both of these cards have pretty loads in common, in terms of look and their function in a sport. In a tarot deck the Fool is often used as the highest value trump. 

The other cases:

In other cases the Fool can be played at any time that a player wants but cannot win. The Fool had been a part of the tarot deck since 1400s but the Joker has only been just introduced. So even if the representation of modern day joker may have been motivated from the Fool, their origins are entirely different. In a French 52 card deck, the Joker has been added rather newly. 

In quite a few decks, two different Jokers are used to correspond to the Fool trump card in a Tarot deck. The black Joker communicates to the Fool card of the Tarot deck and the Red Joker communicates to the Magician which is also known as the Juggler. The Juggler is quite alike to the Fool in a Tarot deck. 

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