Glossary Of Terms For Poker – Part 4


Hello poker lovers! Yet again we are here with the fourth instalment of poker glossary. Aren’t you finding these terms interesting? This one is the last instalment for now. So let us begin quickly: 

Table Stakes

Table stakes implies a player can merely win or lose the amount of money they have in play poker at the starting of the hand. 


It stands for the Tight Aggressive style of play. 


It is any unintentional information giving to a player’s challengers, usually through physical gestures or reactions. 

Third Man Walking

Only two players are permitted to be absent from a poker table at one time. 

Three of a Kind

Having three cards of the same rank is known as three of a kind 

Three Pair

Though it’s not an official poker hand, it’s likely for a player to have three pairs in lots of poker online games. Three pair counts as two pair, using a player’s best two pairs of the three. 


A player who tries to restrict the amount of bet in their play, just playing strong hands, preventing large speculative pots is known as a tight player. 


Being too emotional to play a player’s best game is known as tilt. 


A tip for the dealer from the player who just won the pot is termed as toke. 

Top Kicker

Having the highest possible kicker, usually an ace (if not there’s an ace on the table) is termed upon as top kicker. 

Top Pair

Having paired one of player’s hole cards with the highest ranked card on the poker online table is known as top pair. 

Top Two

Having paired both of player’s hole cards with the two highest cards on the poker table is called top two. 

Top Set

The highest possible trips are called top set. 


A tournament can have any number of participants, and any number of buy-in, but once begun, a player is there until he either knocks out or win.  


When a player slowplay a big hand to get someone else to bet at it big (typically making someone bluff at the pot), he has set a trap. 


The fourth community card in Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha, after the flop and before the river is turn. 

Under the Gun

The player to the left of the big blind, first to act pre-flop is known as under the gun. 


The lowest possible Full House is underfull 


It uses to describe the details of a two-pair poker hand.  


Any card dealt face up, usually used in stud games is upcard. 

Up the Ante

Increase the stakes. 

Value Bet

A bet made with the best hand to extract the maximum amount of money, value, from the player’s challengers. 

Wake Up

It is to discover a strong beginning hand after there has been heavy action ahead of the player. 


When all players fold to the big blind, it is called as walk. 


When the dealer mixes the deck spread out on the poker online table with a washing motion, it is termed as wash. 

Weak Ace

Having an ace with a low ranked card is weak ace. 


A straight from ace to five is wheel. 

Wild Card

A card which can be used instead of any other card is wild card. 

Window Card

The first card turned over when showing the flop in Texas Hold’em poker, or the door card in Stud is window card. 


A straight draw with 13 or more outs in Omaha is wrap. 

Zero Sum

Any game in which the player’s odds of winning are precisely identical to the odds of losing is zero sum. 

Hope you have enjoyed and learned some of these terms by now and have started to play poker. Good luck with your initiative!

Happy gaming!