Helpful Tips for Sit & Go Poker

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You might have come across the phrase “Single Table Sit N Go Poker tournaments”. While a lot of competitions start at a pre-ordained time, Sit N Go tournaments do not open until the exact quantity of people necessary sign up for them. Six or ten players are the most common number of competitors in Sit N Go poker tournaments, and that makes them stand apart. 

Successful Sit N Go Strategy  

Sit N Go strategy for a Texas Holdem poker game is unlike the one involved in playing a regular cash game. Even if you like to play suited Q-7 in the cash game, gambling on whatever the flop brings. The Sit N Go tournaments are not forgiving towards such frivolity. Surviving till the tournament’s heads up final requires patience and restraint. 

If you have just started one of the Sit N Go tournaments, discard all your weak cards. When you get a favourable hand, make a raise equal to 3 to 5 times the big blind. Do not let anyone with a less strong hand limp in and get lucky on the flop. 

Plan your game according to this Sit N Go strategy.  You will be rewarded with a lot of chips as the Sit N Go poker tournament advances. Also, in the later stages of the tournament your opponents already know you as a tight-aggressive online poker player and they would rather fold to you, regardless of the hand you are making a raise with. The essential Sit N Go strategy at this point is to steal the blinds. These have increased so much, that you simply must have them. 

If you play in a 10-people Sit N Go poker tournament, then it previously describe Sit N Go strategy which will definitely make you succeed. When the bubble is at the fourth or third place, you can make it, winning more money than you spent to participate in the game. If, however, it is a 6-people tournament, your Sit N Go strategy must be attuned as per requirement. The blinds will reach you more frequently; thus you will be paying, about, a quarter of a blind for each hand, even if you fold. To compensate for this, consider stealing the blinds once in a while, even during the early stages of the tournament. Raise from a later position, even if you don’t have a particularly strong hand. 

5 Tips for Poker Beginner 

At the beginning of Sit N Go tournaments the blinds are usually low and you might be tempted limping in with poor cards; this is a Sit N Go strategy that you must stay away from. A player sitting behind you might raise, you will be forced to call and as the flop comes, you will have nothing to gamble on. The tournament is only beginning, but your stack is already used up. 

Poker is not about constantly re-raising the other opponents. When your opponent keeps re-raising you, put your conceit aside and consider: what does he have that does not deter him from playing against me? Will your two 10s in the hole be enough? In case of uncertainty and doubt, maybe the prudent thing to do is to fold. Poker is about long-term strategies, not momentary satisfaction of one’s ego. 

In some Sit N Go tournaments, the routine Sit N Go strategy needs alteration, especially when you’ve almost run out of the chips. If you have formed a tight-aggressive table image, go all-in with a strong enough hand, before the blinds will eat the rest of your chips. 

On the other hand, don’t hesitate to target players with smaller stacks and force them to move all-in or fold. Being a “big stack bully” is the necessary Sit N Go strategy. 

One more thing: you still can get a series of bad beats and not make it to the Sit N Go poker tournament’s money prizes, but that does not mean that you have to rashly get into another one. At least 10 minutes of rest between the tournaments is advisable. 

Now you have become well versed with the winning Sit N Go strategies. Best of Luck and see you at the Sit N Go tournaments! 

Happy playing!