How Is Poker Chips Made?


Poker has often been deemed as a smoky & sketchy card game & is often linked with back alleys. But in the past few years, this interesting game has developed a lot & has surfaced as one of the famous games of the mainstream.

We are aware that, poker games online are game of cards & chips but the most amazing feature would be to learn how these poker chips are created?

Let us look at the story:

The processing of poker chips is more limited to China. As they utilize cost effective solutions for producing these chips. The most regular method of crafting poker chips is by using shot moulding system. In this process, ABS plastic is utilized. It is heated up to a molten state and then pressured into moulds. These moulds are crafted by professional engineers and are crafted by toolmakers (who frame & elaborate all particulars of a poker chip).

Generally, two types of poker chips can be crafted with this standard approach of injection moulding to play poker. The most famous chips in the home market are manufactured via injection moulding with an ABS plastic. A few of the other patterns are – the striped dice & suited patterns. Another kind of chips is the ceramic chips that have a very exclusive texture identical to sandpaper. These are also crafted with the injection moulding procedure.

Previously, clay was applied to make poker chips. Later, makers used to add some other components along with some ratio of clay in order to make the chips tougher. These clay poker chips are produced by compression moulding procedure in which the clay chips are maintained to pressure up to 10,000 psi and heat about 300 degree Fahrenheit. Once the procedure is complete, this inlay cannot be separated.

Hence this is the story of a poker chip! Happy playing online poker with poker chips!