How To Be A Good Poker Player?

The craze of playing poker game is spreading fast amongst Indians. Today, 1 person out of 20 tries to learn poker. Thanks to the online poker sites who give the scope to the Indians to play and learn poker thoroughly and also earn money while learning and getting complete entertainment and exercise of brain. 

There are three things you require to master to be a decent poker player.  That’s right, just three things. 

If you master merely one or two out of the three factors, you will surely miss something. 

Numerous people have excellent emotional control, only to have worse hand reading skills. Others have amazing strategy, but bad control at their emotions. Discover your strengths and weakness. Discard the weakness and form your strengths. That is the way to be a good poker player. 


Many poker online players are naturally very good or you can say talented at making the most positive decision. A player can be a bad hand read, but have good strategy. He might allot a bad hand range to a challenger, but his choices are decent for the hand range he puts the villain on. 

Hand Reading 

Think sincerely about what hands your online poker challengers can have and what hands your challengers think you have. Heads up is a good manner to boost your hand reading abilities as it puts you in loads of hard circumstances which truly make you ponder. 

Emotional Control 

You have to avoid your emotions from getting in tin the path of logical choices. When you are on tilt, you are just not capable of forming well thought out choices. The rational portion of your brain literally shuts off. For a number of online poker players, emotional control means setting a stop-loss. Others prevent playing dailies and stick to bumhunting. 

Winners learn from mistakes. Winners learn by identifying their weaknesses and working on them and turning them into their strengths. 

Happy playing!