Poker Strategy For Freeroll Event


A freeroll, as the name suggests, is a form of poker event for which there is no entry fee. Mostly popular when played online all the big online poker sites often run freerolls which are very popular as they are usually used as qualifiers for bigger events and can have significant cash prizes if you survive long enough to hit a paying position. You can win money for nothing however normal strategy and theory of poker goes out of the window for freerolls. Let’s take a look at numerous of the thoughts involved. 

Know what your target is as it may not be to win. Yes, that sounds silly but it’s true. For example if the freeroll is a feeder in to a bigger event. With say twenty guaranteed seats to that next event then your target is to finish in the top twenty. After that it then sure, try to win. Unless there is cash on offer also your job is done when you have secured qualification. 

No entry fees

As no entry fees involved and also as there can be thousands of players entered, event can last for hours. Always be sure you set aside ample time to play particularly if you do go deep in. That indicates you have nothing else to do for the next few hours but give all your attention to play poker online. 

Given that entry is free then there is no financial risk. Because of this play tends to be crazy and very aggressive as people try anything to build a big chip stack fast. Expect frequently to see multiple all-in calls. The basic suggested approach is play less hands, wait for premium hole cards and then play them hard. Hit a few and watch your chip stack grow large enough to take you deep in to the freeroll. And set you up to hit your target finish whether that be progression or prize money. 

Sitting out:

Sitting out the first few rounds while the blinds are low is not such a bad idea. As natural attrition will see a fair number of players eliminated. And your chip stack will not have been damaged too much. Now you can get involved and when you see those hole cards, go for it. And if possible target players with smaller stacks if your table position allows for that. 

Sure, there may come a time if the cards go against you that you will have to go for the hail Mary all-in shove though if that happens and you bust out do not let is phase you as you have lost nothing so stay positive about your poker online. 

However on the other hand if you survive in the freeroll long enough to qualify for the next round or finish in the money then that’s so much the better. Freeroll poker events can be fun and give you the chance of bigger prizes – it’s even possible to play yourself in to the Poker events that way – though should mainly be treated as a bit of a distraction from normal poker tournaments. 

Happy playing!