The Growth Of Poker Game in India


Poker is one of the fastest rising mind sports in India these days. With the growing online and live poker sites, it looks like the Indian poker scene is getting better and grander increasingly. But what are causes behind this unique growth of online poker games? Today we take a look at how it has become one of the most popular games in India. 

Poker is an internationally popular card game which includes individual play & betting. Several recreational and pro players participate in poker tournaments organized globally. The skill-based card game is played with a pot where the dealer offers cards to the players and all invest a certain amount of money in to the pot. If you own the highest combo of the cards then you will win the hand and the prize money. With the growing fame of poker in India, now you can opt to play the game either live or online. 

Though most people believe that you require luck to win at poker, but the truth is it needs effective poker skills. Being winning in poker principally depends on how well you develop poker competition strategy, conduct mathematical calculations, watch your opponents and evaluate their reactions on your choices. 

Rise of poker in India 

India is a fascinating country and we Indians are normally famous for our outstanding work ethic and intellect. India’s 132.42 crores people have an exclusive zest for life which makes us seek new challenges and summit new peaks. This is maybe why more and more Indians these days, be it college students, young pros and even most of the normal public are now taking up poker to channelize their creativity & aptitude. Indian poker is a highly enjoyable and thrilling game that not only stimulates your mind but also lets you to earn big money. So there is no doubt that poker, and particularly online poker, was tailor-made for the Indian youth population. 

The success of various Indian poker pros at various national and international poker tournaments motivates a lot. Our youths are now realizing that poker can be a grave career option. The game is growing in the country at an alarming rate with advanced play poker online portals. Nowadays you can find millions of Indians who opt to play poker online earning remarkable amounts of real money. 

The poker industry in India is expanding exponentially where tournaments are generally popular among the players. Online poker is also gaining good grip due to its convenience and many tourneys. 

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