Mucking a Hand in Poker

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In the world of online poker terms, the word ‘muck’ has a number of meanings. 

Firstly, it’s used to explain the discarded cards that a dealer would place cards that are no longer in play. This pile of cards ensures that folded cards are kept separate from the hand in play. The burn cards would also be placed into the muck. 

Secondly, it means to fold ones cards. A player can also have their hand mucked if another player tries to fold their hand and one of their cards by chance ends up in another players hole cards. To evade this, players time and again place a chip or card protector on their hole cards (where they don’t otherwise) to keep them secure. 

‘Muck’ Explained 

The arrangement of ‘mucking’ cards that a player wishes to discard (i.e. placing them face down on a discard pile) assists to make certain that no other players are able to decide what cards appeared in the folded hand. Muck might also be relevant to what a player who has not folded might experience. They might describe having their hand ‘mucked’ when another player tries to discard but a few of their cards then turn up in the poker live player’s hand. To try to contest this, a few players will put a chip or object over their cards, thus averting other cards from appearing in their hand – or else known as a card protector, card guard or card cover. 

Second is to offer deceitful information

As you play poker online, there are three very good reasons to show your hand when you have won a pot. The first is to create confusion in the minds of your opponents. The second is to offer deceitful information. The third reason is to get under everyone’s skin and with any luck push some poor rube over the edge and on tilt. An instance is when you win a hand with a stone bluff. You announce those opponents. Players are wondering how you can stay in with such slop, never mind bet, raise, or re-raise. Players may wonder out loud, and even get somewhat miffed.  

There are times when you want to show only one of your hole cards. This is a tactic of misleading the opponents which only works in a poker live game, and it can work very well. 

Revealing your cards can also be a forward thinking strategy at your poker online site in that it helps to create a table persona for you. Players now think you play very loose based on that bluff, and next time you come out firing it will be tough for them to put you on any hand. This is worthwhile if you’re about to spend a long session facing a mostly unchanging table. 

Happy playing!