Writing journals Improve Poker Games

pokerlion_blogs_img_Writing journals Improve Poker Games

The ancient people believed the best time for writing journal is either in the morning or at night. Many pro online poker players cram in their thoughts about the game at the end of the day as it doesn’t seem to be a morning thing. 

Journaling is a good habit and all the poker also considers it. Here are our 6 reasons, why. 

Releasing Tension 

Experts believe that journaling is ‘trapping your worries and fears on a page.” It is better out than in. 

Poker is a game where you lose more than you win. The financial doubt leaves you wandering around a wasted landscape like a blind slug over thinking hand after hand. 

Having Gratitude  

Playing poker can be an annoying experience. Missing flushes and watching opponents hit flushes feels worse than having hot flushes. But if you play poker online for a living you should be incredibly grateful. Journaling permit you to venture into daily gratitude practice because a habit is born. Write about your poker experience, your games and your strategies. 

Meaningful purpose  

Poker can be an influential passion project and all-consuming at the identical time. Loads of professional poker players are seen doing nothing but play poker, and that can’t be hale and hearty. The vagabond lifestyle has lots of benefits, but it can also be a nuisance.  

A poker player can make use of journaling habit to set a meaningful purpose the night before, so he or she can wake up a man or a woman with a great poker plan. 


Journaling helps defend the in-the-moment detail. Poker online players are like memory champions, recalling the suits of every flop, turn and river. Poker online players can take a peek during their morning/evening poker game practice, and sum up primary points of conversation for review with those who play poker a little bit better than them. 


Once poker stops offering the players with all they need to attain a state of bliss, then they will need something more. The possibility of poker players returning to the office to punch numbers into a desktop is remote. Journaling is an outstanding way of recording these ideas; artistically exploring where they lead, pre-empting millions, visualising their poker retirement. 


Poker players experience tilt when they lose control in the game. If hand after hand doesn’t go poker player’s way, and they haven’t yet learned the truth, that they can’t control the deck or their poker opponent’s behaviour, their emotions can fury so hard their brain shifts in the cerebrospinal fluid, heading towards the jagged rocks of your skull. 

With so many fears, worries, and self-fulfilled prophecies of doom floating around inside their minds is it little wonder that we lose it? Get it out. 

Hence, if you are a poker player, get your pen and drag that shit out of your mind and trap it onto the paper. Allow the art of journaling to aid in your mindfulness. 

Happy journaling and playing poker!