Notes, Plays and Decision – That’s How You Play Poker

pokerlion_blogs_img_Notes, Plays and Decision – That’s How You Play Poker

The online poker players have to deal with loads of overwhelming information thrown to them during the game. The different types of players they are playing with, cards they are dealt with, bet sizes and movements made are sometimes too much for the players to keep track on. 

Poker is tough game and not being able to track and keep a tag on who has done what at the poker online table can be the distinction between losing or winning the game. 

The pro players can keep a track of their opponents and cards by practicing hard and then when it comes to the table, they are just different people. 

Amateur poker players may not be as gifted as the pro players and the one piece of advice given to almost every poker player is to keep notes on what is going on at the table. 

There are tips to help you keep your notes ensuring that you do not miss out on crucial information when playing the game. 

There are many benefits of keeping notes when playing online poker. If you do take notes when playing games and refer to them during the games, it will help you understand what kind of style other player uses. This can help you out vastly when dealing with some opponent but one thing you must remember is to not write too much when taking a note. 

Short and Simple 

Any poker player writing notes should always use abbreviations and shorthand so that taking notes is easier and quicker. There is no point of writing long crafty sentences. Keeping it short and simple lets you jot down lot of info about your opponents, table, bets and other poker game related info while playing the game real quick. 

Playing Styles 

Everyone has some specific poker playing style and that is the first thing which you require keeping a tag on while playing poker online. Keep notes on whom you pick out as aggressive opponent and who passive opponent is. This can help you out when you see them making a bet or how they action when faced with a tricky situation. 

Keep your notes in check 

At many time, you get to play with some particular group of opponent while playing poker online. Keep the most crucial info about those players on top. Moreover, you always learn a thing or two new when you play against someone. Take your time to understand which information you will prefer to keep on top and which one is the most crucial one. 

Happy playing!