Omaha Poker Starting Hand Selection Tricks

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Most of you prefer playing Texas Hold’em poker and show up your skill. But you know that another very popular game is Omaha poker. One of the most important things you will need to learn as an Omaha online poker player is what starting hands you should play. Of course nothing is set in stone and you can make adjustments as you fit. But you should try and follow the tips below to help you choose what starting hands are worth pursuing. 

Any double suited hand where you have a high flush draw with both is worth playing because the options are fairly good pre-flop. A nut flush is a great hand in Omaha poker online and will win a lot of the time so always play these hands. 

Playing with high pocket pair:

When you have a high pocket pair in your hand you should play these hands. As you will have the chance to hit a set and a full house. A full house will almost always win so this is a hand worth chasing after. 

Any hand where you have four cards in sequential order is worth playing as well. If you don’t know what we mean an example would be 10-9-8-7. The reason this hand is worth playing is because if the flop were to hit 5-6-7 and you had the above hand you’d be looking pretty good in the hand. 

Some hands that you shouldn’t play when you’re playing this poker game are hands where you have trips. Three or four cards of the same suit or cards that are all spread out. You won’t have many drawing options with this type of hand. So you should always try to fold them and avoid wasting any money playing them. 

Usually you will find that the tighter you play in Omaha Poker the better results you will have. People know this game to be a really loose poker game so you don’t want to get caught up in the betting going on when you don’t have the nuts or close to the nuts. 

Happy playing!