Online Poker And The Rules To Play The Game


At PokerLion you will find all the exciting and thrilling major games of poker such as Omaha, Hold’em, Blaze poker, Fish Party and many more.

If you have never played the online poker game before, we are here to help you with the basics. And the rest of the game will depend on your aptitude for the game. Here is a quick overview of the basics. Give a glance and try to play your first game according to it.

The beginning

The game of poker characteristically features a forced bet. For example, big blind and small blind in Omaha and Hold’em or antes and bring-in in stud. These forced bets include the beginning pot in any given hand of poker, which is the first reason players have to win the hand. Action arising from the following rounds of playing further boosts the size of the pot.

Cards Deal and Betting Rounds

Following the initial dealing of the cards to the players, they are called upon to act in turn as they move clockwise around the table.

Each of the players can normally take one of the following steps, when their turn to act comes:

Check – When a player checks, he declines his turn to initiate the betting. Players can check when there is no bet at the ongoing round and “checking” is passed on to the next player at the table sitting clockwise. If everyone checks, the round is regarded as complete.

Bet – It is the amount a player is willing to stake at the round. Players might bet if no other players have bet during the ongoing round. After the bet has been made, the other players must “call” by matching the bet to stay in the hand.

Fold – Players who fold surrender their cards and cannot win or act again during the ongoing hand.

Call – When a player “calls”, he selects to place a bet matching to the previous bet.

Raise – Players might raise if other players have bet in the current round; this needs the raising player to match the highest bet made, and then make a greater one. All players are needed to call the raise or raise again to remain in the hand.

Different rounds of different poker versions

Different versions of online poker have different rounds, for instance, most Stud games have five rounds, while 5-card draw normally has two. Hold’em and Omaha are the two most popular poker games in the world and have same structures, with four rounds of betting termed as pre-flop, flop, turn and river.

The pre-flop round starts as soon as all players have got their hole cards, before any cards have been dealt; betting on flop happens after the first three cards are dealt; on turn after the fourth card; and on river after the fifth and final card.

On each of the betting round, it continues until every player has either matched the bets made or folded. If no bets are made, the round gets ended when every player has checked. When the betting round is concluded, the next dealing/betting round starts, or the hand has ended.


Once the last bet or raise has been called during the final betting, a showdown happens; the lasting active players must reveal their hands, and whoever has the best ranking hand wins the pot.

Players often divulge their hands sequentially, rather than everyone at the same time. Multiple players can share a single pot, with the pot divided in various approaches depending on the game rules and how each player’s hand ranks against their challengers.

Betting Limits

Betting limits look up the amount players might open and raise. Usually, poker online games are of the following styles; fixed limit, no limit or pot limit.

Fixed Limit – Each player can opt to call, bet or raise, but merely by a fixed amount. The fixed amount for any given betting round is set in advance.

No Limit – Each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and counting their full stack in any betting round, when it is their turn to act.

Pot Limit – Each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and counting the size of the whole pot at that time.

Table Stakes and All-in

You might have come across a poker scene in a movie or TV series where a player is faced with a bet for more chips than he has at the table, and is forced to stake a car, a watch or some other thing to stay in the hand. This might make for decent melodrama, but it is not usually the way poker online is played in actual!

A player who does not have sufficient chips to call a bet is declared All-In. The player is entitled for the part of the pot up to the point of his final bet. All further action linking other players takes place in a ‘side pot’, which the All-In player is not entitled to win. If more than one player goes All-In in a hand, there can be more than one side pot.

You know the rules now? Don’t stop! Just play poker!