Women Prefer Online Poker Increasingly


As poker continues to gain more and more mainstream acceptance, women are becoming more and more interested in taking up the game. Until the recent poker boom, poker was mostly a male dominated game. Less than 10% of the players at a typical poker live game were women.

In fact, playing poker live is something many women are still shy to do. The old prejudiced male attitudes and visions of smoke-filled rooms may account for much of this caution. For whatever reason, ladies have yet to completely embrace the real world poker games in big numbers.

Online poker is one more story. Researches show that over one third of online poker players are female. Women are the fastest growing segment of the online poker game. Playing poker online offers them with a convenient and less threatening way to learn and become more capable at the game. Also, women tend to favour the lower stakes accessible online.

While men may play for the “action” or to finish, women tend to play poker as a means of break out. Normally, men play to succeed and women, while spirited, play for more community reasons. Other reasons women mention for preferring poker game include being able to play poker from a safe home setting, not having to get dressed up to play live, being able to play poker in an atmosphere where gender is not a topic.

Women playing poker at home

Playing poker online from her home is not merely safer, it is also more suitable. The female player can play poker at a time that fits into her hectic timetable. The notion of getting dressed up, driving for miles, tipping dealers, waiting for a table, and driving back home is something hardly few women find tempting.

Many women who play online have to deal with the rude attitudes of several male players. They just don’t want to be bothered with all these troubles. Online poker offers a perfect solution to the women poker players. She can opt a screen name that doesn’t disclose her gender if she so wishes.

So, girls, if you’re hunting for a safe, convenient place to polish your poker skills, online poker is ideal for you. Poker is not just for the boys anymore.

Happy gaming!