Poker Or Teen Patti: Which Is More Fun?

Card games have been enjoyed by us for, perhaps, numerous thousands of years. No doubt, back at the early era they were incredibly primitive in nature. However the amazing thing about these games is that, yet, not a great deal has changed. 

Of course you can play poker online games for fun, but other than the games being played online, not a lot has changed. When we think of admired card games, obviously the game of poker right away springs to mind, but what else? Well, as it exists, in numerous parts of the globe including Asia. There is a game that contends straight with poker in terms of fame. The game is known as Teen Patti. But which of the two card games are more fun? Well, we’re about to discover that out: 

What Teen Patti is 

Teen Patti is a game that has developed immensely in fame over the years. There are now endless Teen Patti online game sites where you can play this game from the comfort of your own home. In India, Teen Patti is oftentimes named as 3 Patti. This game is very alike to the 3 Card Brag games which originated in Britain. Normally, the game works best between 4 and 8 players at a time, though there are rules and exceptions of course.  

The basic concept is that players place bets on who they believe has the highest ranking card. Prior to a game, a minimum stake is determined and players must all pay into the pot. If you’re thinking of getting into the game, but wish to practice first, playing 3 Patti online game tournaments is a great way of doing precisely that. 

What Poker is 

As you know, you can simply play poker games for fun online, but what precisely is poker. Arguably the most well-liked card game on the planet, poker combines skill, luck, strategy, and gambling, all in one. The very essential idea behind poker is that the player with the strongest hand normally wins the round, if not obviously, you can bluff your opponents into folding by compelling them that you have a strong hand, even if you don’t. 

What’s appealing is that there are actually some different variations of poker, although Texas Hold’em poker game is thought to be one of the most admired. The total number of cards dealt in poker will rely on which variation you are playing. 

Which one is more enjoyable? 

To be absolutely honest, we can’t give you a straight reply to this question for the simple cause that there is no answer. Enjoyment is a subjective matter, which means that a few people will enjoy playing Teen Patti more than they enjoy playing online poker games and vice versa. The best advice we can give you is to try both games online for yourself and see which one you will prefer. Though, if we be a little biased, we will suggest you to play poker at PokerLion. But we are not getting there! 

Happy playing!