Top 5 Methods For Effective Poker Learning

You learn, evaluate and study your opponents in your online poker game and still don’t make any progress. Can’t actually put what you’ve learned into practice at the game! You constantly repeat the same errors over and over again. What is the root cause of this How can one really learn the poker game effectively? 

Let us explore how you can learn well and attain staggering outcomes by applying normal methods. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to employ effective learning. Keep it simple are the three magic words. Read on: 

Finding “correct” leaks 

Find yourself poker-friends or a coach to whom you can show your game with no reluctance. No marked hands at first. Or else your learning will be wasted. One of the major leaks of most of the poker online players is setting incorrect priorities to get rid of leaks. 

Note down leaks 

After every poker game session review, coaching or hand evaluation, particularly write down what you did incorrect. In addition, note down how you can avoid these errors at the tables. What particular plays must be used at the tables to prevent the error? Noting them down and working on them later is a part of effective learning of the game. 

Setting goals 

Before each session, note down two to three points, which you would like to incorporate into your game. These might also be mind goals. Optimally, these are leaks that you have noticed from your previous review. You should try to place particular prominence on these spots. When do you know that these errors are removed? The keyword is “subconscious knowledge!” When you have reached this stage, the error is removed. What this means is that you spot these subconsciously. It’s the same as if you open-raise with pocket aces. You just know that it is the right play without further thought. 

Session reviews always before the session 

After the online poker game session you are still too emotional. You cannot view some spots neutrally enough. Instead, you’d better relax and concentrate on other things. You can use the review wholly as a warm-up for the next game session. Your brain will switch into “poker-mode”. So from the first hand on, you’ll be 100% focused. 


For effective poker learning, this is regarded the Holy Grail. A well managed blog can give amazing results. You introduce structure into your learning pattern. You will have an impression of your flaws, goals and outcomes. You’ll get input from other poker players and you’ll have the chance to convey your data to other players. 

Happy learning and playing poker!