Interesting Fact And Figures Of Poker Game


Numbers and interesting facts strike readers attention and make them think.

We have collected some amazing numerical facts about poker and if you play poker and are from India, these figures will motivate you to spread this game of skill in India more.

A few figures collected here are rather astounding and others are not so much but the number of the obtainable facts on poker suggests that it is one of the most played games online around the world. And we have to spread the game in India and make the poker figures high for India, as well.

Fact #01

As it is acknowledged, poker was played first at the starting of the 19th century. Almost two centuries later, in 1998, its online version of poker appeared when Planet Poker opened its online gates. It was Planet Poker’s step was then followed by Paradise Poker in 1999.

Fact #02

There are 2,598,960 possible poker hands with 52 cards and the odds of a Royal Flush are 649,740 to 1.

Fact #03

Approximately 5 million people play for real money in online poker and 2 million in clubs or casinos, at least once in a month.

Fact #04

About 70 million decks of cards are sold in America every year.

Fact #05

The majority of poker players are from North America (63%) or Europe (29%).

Fact #06

The game of poker is played in USA (54%) followed by the UK (10%), Canada (9%), and Australia (4%). Most of the rest of the users are from other European nations.

Fact #07

97% of the poker online players are male and 2% are females.

Fact #08

52% of players play poker, 27% play poker live and 21% play both.

Fact #09

62% players cash games, 24% play MTTs, 10% play SNGs.

Fact #10

79% poker players are amateurs, 17% semi-pros and 4% pros.

Fact #11

At the peak time of poker games, over 1 million people play poker at various card-rooms all over the world.

Fact #12

Last but not the least, plenty of poker players are uncertain to join poker online websites. This is because they are sure that their cards will be hacked by hackers. But that is not true, best online poker site like has very high security. Or else they are not offered with licence to offer the game to the players.

Happy playing!