Do You Know These 7 Poker Tells?

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To get an accurate read on your opponents in online poker, you must learn to spot their “tells”. This can indicate the strength or weakness of their hands.

Getting a read on your opponents requires more than just seeing a few signals. It is a compilation of dozens of different signals.

While there is no single tell that all poker players have. There are several signals that most poker players send out. And they are almost impossible to prevent.

The first five of these tells are for players who play at live tournaments, home games, or in casinos. The next two are for everyone, including online poker real money players


This is one of the lesser-known tells in best online poker. But it is one of the most powerful tips that you can possess.

A man’s pulse can be seen on either side of his neck. And this will give you valuable information about the strength of his hand.

Since it is virtually impossible to completely control your pulse, tons of players display this tell

If a player makes a big bet and then his neck starts going nuts. His pulse is increasing, and there is a good chance he is bluffing.


If a player’s posture improves right away after a card  turns over. There is a good chance that the card completed his hand.

If a player has been on tilt for previous hands, then dealt a hand. And he immediately sits up straight, there is a good chance that he catches a killer hand.

Chip Movement

Watch you fellow players closely when they’re involved in a major pot.

Watch the way that they handle their chips and what moves they make with their chips and their cards

Then, carefully observe what they ultimately held in their hand

If the player played a lot with their chips when they had a terrific hand. You can count on them to do the same thing when they have similar cards

When you are “researching” players for these kinds of habits. It is best that you do so when you are not involving in a hand.

If you are involving with a player when you try to figure out his tells, you probably won’t be able to concentrate enough on the many other things you should be considering during the hand.

Shoulder Shake

There are a lot of players who bounce their legs up and down underneath the table when they have a good hand.

These players think that since their legs are under the table, that no one notices it, but it is possible that someone always look at their shoulder to see if it moves back and forth.

Table Talk

Whenever a player talks at a table, they give away a lot of information. If a player is often quiet, but starts speaking up when involves in a major hand, it is likely that that person is bluffing.

Also, when a player talks and it sounds unnatural or forced, it is likely that the person is trying to intimidate his opponents, and is bluffing.


Timing is a crucial “tell” for online poker India players. The amount of time that a player takes to make his decision is a key indicator of the strength/weakness of their hand. If a player always takes a long time to act, it is almost impossible to apply these rules to that player.

Past Play

Not technically a “tell,” a player’s playing style and past tendencies are the best source of information about what they’ll do in the future.

It is always a good idea to watch all the other players at a table before you get involved with them especially if you have never played them before

Getting a good read on your opponents will allow you make better bluffs, win pots with marginal hands, and fold your losers before you lose big.

Of course, just getting a good read on your opponents is only one aspect of controlling the game.

Happy playing!