Best Tips for No Limit Hold’em Online Poker Players

If you have seen the movie Rounders than you have heard the line as spoken by Mike McDermott. “Always leave yourself outs”, he said. McDermott wasn’t speaking specifically about the cards in this situation – he was referring to life itself, your online poker bankroll, and your stake in the game; the moral of the story is, don’t blow your roll in one shot.

If you have no bankroll, you have no chance to win. If there are no cards that can improve your hand, you muck. If there are no chips to put into future pots, you’ve mucked for the last time.

Play Poker to Win, Not to Gamble

Poker can be a gamble if that’s what you want it to be. Lord knows we all love a little action-induced adrenaline rush now and then. However, poker online shouldn’t be a gamble if you’re looking to win money.

Decide on and Employ a Buy-in Strategy

How many chips you buy when you sit down at a cash table has little to do with the maximum or minimum allowed buy-in at the table. It has to do with your predefined buy-in strategy. Are you playing a solid stack and picking off the short-stackers? Are you going to be playing a short stack yourself?

How many chips do the other players have, and what sort of stack do you want to start out with in relation to that? That’s what you need to ask yourself. Winning poker strategy begins long before the cards ever hit the table. Learn more about buy-in strategy.

If You’re Afraid, You’ve Already Lost

A solid online poker real money player can’t be afraid to shove their chips into the middle, and they can’t be afraid to fold the winning hand. It’s about knowing/learning what plays are the most valuable in a game of poker. You may have to shove your chips into the middle of the table without so much as a pair to take down a huge pot.

Chips Move in a Clockwise Motion

You’ve heard all the sermons when it comes to position, but here’s one you may have missed… Nobody cares about the guy to your right. If he bets, you can re-raise and steal the pot from him at any time. If he checks, you’re free to bet. He’s not very scary at all.

Take Advantage of Online Poker Coaching

Spend a buck a day on Poker Coaching, stay level headed, learn tricks of the trade, get a new perspective, and improve your poker games online!

Get a Feel for the Table Reserves

Every poker table has a table ‘reserve’ that is the amount of a bet that will be called by mediocre hands. You want to get the hang of that bet as soon as possible. Either way, once you have a feel for the table reserves you can take advantage by adjusting your opening bet accordingly.

Staying Even and Grinding Forward

Every time the button makes its way around the table, you’ll have been charged a small blind and a big blind. To stay even, you simply need to pick up one small pot (including the big blind, small blind, and perhaps one caller (taking rake into account) to stay even.

Practice Bluffing

Here’s a tip. If you’re not really a bluffer, and unsure about getting into the pot with absolutely nothing in worth having in your hand, try this:

Pick a card from the deck, any card at all. Let’s say the six of diamonds. Now every time you see the six of diamonds preflop before a raise has been made, you raise. No matter what the second card is.

Remember this is practice, so bluff when you can afford to fail; you’ll be surprised how often you win the pot!

Texas Hold’em No Peaky

Another tip for improving your Texas Hold’em game is playing your cards without ever looking at them. A key part of a poker game is learning to read your opponents, and believe me, playing against them, without knowing what your cards are will help.

Keep Your Emotions off the Table

Sometimes we get mad during the game. Shocked, and horrified by the crazy things people due. In fact, a very common strategy is the tilting of other players, getting them off their game, and subsequently separated from their bankrolls.

It’s ok to get steamed, everyone does, and it’s a great time to take a break, grab an apple, crunch loudly, refill your water, and get back to the mindset that best allows you to do business at the poker table.

Play with your mind sharp!

Get plenty of rest, leave once you’re tired. You’ll funnel less. We become more passive when we’re sleepy, and passive is no way to play poker.

Happy playing!


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Reasons to Take Notes While Playing Online Poker

When you play online poker, most of the poker rooms allow players to take notes while they on their opponents. Typically, you will be able to click a drop-down menu where each of the player’s names will be. You will then need to click on the name of the player, and from there you will be able to write anything you want about that opponent. There are several reasons why it’s important to take notes when you play poker and we’re going to look at them quickly.

When you play a long session of poker online you can often forget what happened an hour or two ago. This means that you could potentially make the same mistake twice if you forget how you made the first mistake. In order to avoid making mistakes twice against the same opponent, you need to make sure you jot down notes every time you make a mistake that costs you money.

Helps in getting valuable information

Your notes in most online poker real money rooms will be kept forever. This means that if you sit down at a table a month later. The same opponent is sitting with you at the table, you can view your old notes on the players. This will give you valuable information about the opponent from your own previous playing experience against them. This will ensure you know exactly how to play against that player and you shouldn’t make any mistakes against them.

Targeting the fish of the

Some of the software programs that the best online poker rooms use have some unique options such as being able to label the players you write notes about. There are also software programs that you can use on your own computer which will help you target the fish poker players in certain poker rooms so that you can always find a loose game.

The main reason to write notes about your opponents is so that you have the information you need when it comes to making a big call. It’s important to know how your opponent bets certain situations so you have an idea of what to do when they make a move against you. Taking notes could be the difference between making money and not making money as an online poker player.

Happy playing!


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Tips for Making More Money from Online Poker

Poker gaming is enormously popular in most part of the globe. Those who want to make money in a shorter period opt for online poker platforms.

Poker games have given online players an opportunity to enjoy and earn money simultaneously. However, winning at online poker takes more than normal skills. Here are ten tips to play winning poker online.

Watch your pocket

Online players should always go for money management and avoid putting everything they have at risk. You should divide your bank into different sessions and as soon as you lose one, call the day off.

Sensible betting

Online poker games online are very interesting. However, if you do not bet sensibly, it will cost you enormous cash. A good trick for sensible betting is that you should be extra cautious and always avoid pumping a lot of money in long shots.

Play with strategies

Playing strategically will help you in reducing the house edge. With specific strategies, you will be able to play consistently. So, it is always advisable to plan and employ them for getting maximum outcome from the game.

Quit while on top

Whenever you are winning, quit and try not to play in that session. All the thoughts that you have that include ‘I am having lady luck’ or ‘today is my day’ is utter nonsense. All odds are directed in favour of the platform and your winning streak can end anytime.

Specialize in particular categories

Suppose you are having little stakes, and then you should go for a mixture of games. However, you need to specialize in a particular format if your stakes are higher. The extra knowledge about a game will help you in identifying the best that will provide you with more opportunity to win.

Research your speciality

Suppose you like an online poker real money category better than most, then you should spend some time studying the nuances of the game. You can consult books, online articles, related online pages and always try to learn from your mistakes. Try to turn into a master in your game and avoid being a jack of all trades.

Consider value

Most of the best online poker players have a wrong idea that potential prize offers better value in a game. It cannot do so. However, you have to look at the potential prize as well as your chances of winning it.

Be in command of your play

Online poker platforms are open 24/7, and this unlimited access encourages you to play for longer sessions. This, in turn, can make you tired as well as exhausted and you might end up in taking wrong decisions. So, you should always avoid a longer play session.

Go for free money

Online poker sites are offering bonus cash for opening new accounts with them. So, you should not miss this opportunity.

Use Simulations

There are numerous simulations available for your PC that can be played without any risk of losing cash. Apart from having fun, they also allow you to learn some sound strategies for your real-time venture.

These 10 tips for winning online poker cannot guarantee your money. However, it will help in avoiding mistakes that most of us commit and lose cash in these games. So, follow them, have fun and enjoy your online poker.

Happy playing!


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5 Great Reasons to Get Online Poker Rakeback

Rakeback has been available for several years and offers poker players a return on the fees paid to online poker portals. Players benefit from this by getting regular cashback into their accounts, and the rooms benefit through increased player loyalty and often higher volumes of play. If you are not already receiving one of the best Rakeback deals then this article will show you 5 great reasons why you should switch today!

Those Small Cash Game Rakes Add Up

Even though the fees taken from the cash games you play may seem negligible, they can add up to large amounts surprisingly quickly. For example, someone playing just two tables of no-limit Hold’em for 2 hours per day with a reasonable Rakeback deal.

Tournament Fees Reduced By 1/3rd

SNG and Tournament Players can work out how much cash they are leaving on the table very quickly. Those grinding 8+ tables are committing an online poker real money offence by playing without Rakeback – even at the lowest levels!

Site Bonuses and Promotions Are Still Available

Rakeback does not preclude you from the regular bonuses offered by most poker online sites, in fact, while you are clearing sign-up bonuses you can often boost your return to more than 60%!!

Rake Races Add ₹₹₹ To Your Profits

The best Rakeback deals come with access to rake-races – these are contests specific to each Rakeback provider and involve a leaderboard of rake generated over a fixed time period ranging from 1 to 10 days. Players who generate the most rake are then further rewarded via cash prizes. The payouts for rake races can be very large, with the best Rakeback providers offering ₹20+ each month at each of their sponsored sites.

Special Freerolls With Small Fields

Freerolls with prize pools depending on the portals ₹5k are regularly offered by Rakeback providers at the leading sites. The real benefit of these is that many of those who qualify to enter will not do so. For example, the higher stakes cash game players may rightly believe they have a higher profit expectation in their normal games. This leaves some big prizes available to those players who do choose to play.

In conclusion, there is really no reason for any best online poker fan to be playing online without a poker Rakeback deal – make sure you get the best available deal for your favourite site today!

Happy playing!


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What’s Final Table Strategy for Online Poker Tournaments

If you have reached the final table of an online poker tournament; you have clearly been doing something right. However, the correct strategy for final table play is much different than the correct strategy for play at previous points during the tournament.

The most important factor in deciding your final online poker table strategy is your stack size. At this point, you may be entering the final table with a short stack, with an average stack, or even as the chip leader. This page will provide strategies for each chip stack and will teach you how to advance in the pay scale and have a shot at winning the entire tournament.

Also, now that you are at the final online poker real money tournament table, you are likely to run into some skilled players. The strategy on this page will help you deal with skilled players at the final table:

Evaluating Your Opponents

Since there were only ten poker online India players left prior to the final table, you should have a pretty good read on at least four of the other players. Your first goal at the final table should be to develop an opinion on each player’s style of play. Use the note-taking feature to record your thoughts so you can come back to them later.

Make sure to note if players like to limp/fold, steal in late position, defend their blinds, or get all-in preflop. This information will come in handy later in the tournament when you need to make an important decision.

Playing the Short Stack at the Final Table

We consider any stock that has around ten big blinds to be a short stack. The blinds/antes at the final table will be very significant and will place enormous pressure on your stack. Because of this, short stacks have to take a very aggressive “all-in or fold” approach just to survive.

As a short stack, you should be opening pots with an all-in raise any time you have a pocket pair or two face cards. If someone has raised the pot in front of you, you should only call your whole stack off if you have a big pair or two big face cards. The reason why you can raise all-in with worse hands is that you may win the pot uncontested, but if you call all-in you have to go to a showdown no matter what.

Also, any time you are in late position and the other players fold to you, you should push all-in. There is a good chance you can pick up the blinds/antes with this steal play, which will pad your stack and let you survive a little longer. If possible, you should steal against average stacks because they are most likely to fold.

Short stacks are so desperate they may call your steal attempt with a marginal hand, and big stacks have enough chips to call with a weak hand and take a shot at knocking you out. Average stacks, on the other hand, are trying to advance in the pay scale, and are most likely to fold to a steal attempt.

Playing the Average Stack at the Final Table

Average stacks have more freedom to operate than short stacks, because they aren’t quite in “all-in or fold” mode. We consider any stack between 15 and 40 big blinds to be an average stack. Even though these players aren’t short-stacked, they still have to be aggressive to combat the ever-increasing blinds and antes.

At this point, you can use some of the plays discussed above (stealing) along with a few other strategies (squeezing, calling bluffs, and re-stealing) to build your stack and advance in the tournament.

To make a squeeze play, wait until you are in late position and an early position player has made a raise. If a few other players smooth call the raise, go ahead and put in a large re-raise with any decent hand. Since the early position player made an average raise, and the other players simply smooth called, it is likely that everyone has a marginal hand such as KQ suited or pocket fours. Your re-raise should take the pot (which will be pretty big because of the blinds, antes, and the raise/smooth calls).

Playing the Big Stack at the Final Table

Big stacks should follow the advice listed above but should take everything to a higher level. Big stacks should play very aggressively to knock other players out and win more and more chips. If you can amass an enormous chip lead by the time you reach four- or five-handed, you will be a huge favourite to win the tournament.

Note that this aggressive strategy is best for players who want to win the tournament, and are ok with a lower finish if things don’t go their way. If you absolutely need to guarantee a top-three finish, go ahead and play more conservatively while the short stacks knock each other out. You will have less of a chance of winning the whole thing, but you should be able to safely reach the top three prize bracket.

Happy playing!


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3 Tips to Beat Satellite Poker Online Tournaments

In poker online satellite tournaments players are attempting to win seats in events with much bigger buy-ins for a fraction of the cost. The number of seats that are awarded from a particular satellite tournament depends on the buy-in of the satellite tournament and the number of entrants, as well as the buy-in of the event players, are trying to win a seat to.

Satellite tournaments are perfect for players who want to play poker in a big buy-in tournament but don’t currently have the bankroll to buy-in direct. Satellite tournaments offer these players a chance at winning the big prizes for a much small price.

The payout structure for best online poker satellite tournaments is much different to that of regular tournaments because there is no difference in price between the first-place finisher and the player who just avoided the bubble. For this reason, there are a few changes you should make to your normal tournament strategy when playing in a satellite tourney.

See Plenty of Flops Early

There are two reasons to see a lot of flops early in online poker real money satellite tournaments. The first reason is that in general more fish play satellite tournaments and if you can catch a strong hand early you will likely be able to get some action and you can build your stack. The second reason is that satellite tournaments award prizes to a smaller percentage of the field and for this reason, it is smart to try to build your stack early to give yourself a chance to run deep and win one of those coveted seats. That being said, don’t throw away your chips. If you can see a cheap flop with a mediocre hand do so, but if you have the best hand you should still be raising.

Ride Your Big Stack into the Money

If you were able to build a big stack early you should be able to win a seat just by waiting out a few more busts and avoiding confrontation with the other big stacks. Since there is no extra prize for finishing with the most chips, there is no reason to risk your stack at this point. For example, if you are in 3rd out of 29 players and the top 20 finishers win the poker online tournament, then you should just wait out the remaining 9 busts. Of course, you can still play against small stacks when you have a strong hand to help knock players out and speed up the process, but in general, you should play very tight and not risk your chips.

Attack the Medium and Large Stacks when Short Stacked

If you find yourself late in the tournament with a short stack you will need to get aggressive and hopefully steal a lot of blinds. The best players to attack are those that are in a comfortable position but would be in danger if you doubled up through them. These players will likely just allow you to take their blinds because they feel they can fold their way to the cash. That being said, you should stay away from players who have such a large stack that you wouldn’t do any damage to them.

Satellite tournaments can be very profitable if you are able to win a seat in the big event and then go on to earn big cash. The most important thing to remember when playing in a satellite tournament is that all prizes are of equal value, so you should adjust your play to account for this.

Happy playing!


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Playing with a Fish and Winning the Poker Online Game

Common advice for good poker online strategy is to find a table that fits your level of poker. Contradictory to this it is also common to be told to play against fish to make a lot of money. For those players that are the so-called fish, this doesn’t seem fair. But then again, most poker players do start out as beginners in the shallow waters. Poker is, to most, about making money and therefore it is not a minor thing to understand the importance of winning lots of money by playing against weaker players.

Playing for Money

Today poker online has many similarities to sports. The big poker events are followed all over the world and it is a known fact that the people who do well in these competitions become very rich. To say that poker isn’t about money would be an understatement but it is up to the individual player just how important the money is and should be. One thing is for sure, more money can get you into bigger cash games and bigger events. Not everyone can win a free seat though a satellite in order to participate in the tournaments with larger prize sums. Playing against fish can be a great way to get ready for a higher level of poker play assuming that you are beating them good and well.

What about the Good Game?

If poker is like a sport, shouldn’t a good and interesting game be just as important as the money? It might be true that a professional best online poker player finds it a great deal more entertaining around a table with other poker stars but face it, without a sizeable prize pot poker just won’t be the same excitement it is today. Playing against fish can also be good practice since the games are played out much faster. Seeing common mistakes over and over gives a better insight into the game even if a player wouldn’t make them himself. The practice is always valuable and many games give more confidence and certainly when they are played against fish that are bound to make more mistakes and lose their money to you.

Finding the Fish

Poker rooms with fish are not hard to find and you will not have to sweat much to locate them. Most online poker room reviews rate how “fishy” a certain online poker real money room is. The larger the network a poker room is connected to the greater are the chances of finding many beginner players.

If the poker room is connected to an online casino it is also likely that regular casino players drop in every now and then making the games easier. Some poker rooms try to direct the players to the tables most suitable for their level and this could also be a way to go straight to a beginner table. It is also good to check out what other poker players say in online poker forums.

Depending on specific events or promotions it could be of specific benefit to visiting a poker room that normally wouldn’t draw as many beginners and this kind of information is best found in online poker groups or forums.

Predicting the Game

Some will claim that playing against fish could be tricky because beginners make so many mistakes that their game becomes unpredictable. This is both true and false. Playing in a tougher game doesn’t mean that it is easier predictable even if you can count on the absence of obvious beginner mistakes. While fish do play without logic sometimes, they do very often repeat the same mistakes. If you stick to one poker room you might even get to know exactly what mistakes that specific individuals make and then you are a great deal ahead when you sit down by the table with them.

Is it fair?

Is it fair to go after the fish for money? This question is probably asked by pros and beginners alike. In poker anything that stays within the frame and rules of the game is fair. Fish will have to deal with the fact that as long as they don’t improve their game, they are easy to target for sharks. This could and should be a reason to try and become a better poker player and in the end, it benefits all involved.

Happy playing!


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Top 5 Tips on Improving at Online Poker away from the Table

With all of the different resources available to players such as video training sites, books, forums and tracking programs, online poker is constantly evolving and players are getting better faster with each passing day. If you want to be able to compete, it’s important that you don’t become complacent and continue to work and make improvements to your own poker game.

To give you a head start, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tips on how to improve at poker online. Included are tips on things you can improve on while at the table and things you can do away from the table. And while these tips are not your traditional, run-of-the-mill bankroll management and anti-tilt tips, we can guarantee that these tips will certainly improve your bottom line as a poker player.


Admit that you have more to learn as an online poker real money player. Being able to admit you have a problem is usually the first step to recovery.

While having more to learn in poker isn’t actually a “problem,” thinking you know everything there is to know about poker is. Even the best online poker players in the world will tell you they don’t know everything and that they constantly work on their game in order to improve. It can be safe to assume that if someone like Phil Ivey or Doyle Brunson feels as if they have more to learn in poker, you probably do too. If you don’t feel that way, your game will surely suffer.


One of the best ways to improve as a poker game player away from the felt is to study. This means reviewing hand histories, reading books, sweating other poker players, watching poker on TV or watching training videos. Studying is just as important, if not more so than actually playing as it helps you find areas that you can work and improve in.

Consider learning an expert

Learning an expert is a great way to improve because it eliminates the process of learning the hard way on your own. Most coaches that are worth hiring will more than likely have been in a similar situation as yours and can provide you with the tools, advice and resources necessary to beat today’s games. If you cannot afford a coach than finding a mentor that doesn’t mind answering questions about hands or games would work just as well.

Discuss hands with friends and at forums

Posting individual hands-on forums is an excellent way to improve as a player because in many cases there is more than one way to play a hand. Receiving ideas or advice on how to play a hand will give you an insight into how other players think and may even highlight certain aspects or variables that you might’ve not otherwise considered.

Watch, make and criticize poker videos

Watching and making poker videos gives you similar benefits as posting individual hands in forums do. Watching videos made by other poker games online players will give you an idea of how other players analyze hands and the actions they take given their reads. While you watch videos, be sure to take notes as to what you might do differently and why. Take these notes and discuss them with the creator of the video or someone else who has watched it to get advice on if and/or why your thoughts would or would not work.

Happy playing!


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When Online Poker Play is About More Than the Cards

It goes without saying that understanding the game of online poker is crucial to playing it well. Many beginners assume that understanding the game means understanding the cards.

This is certainly a part of it, but far from all of it.

Limiting your study

Limiting your study of poker online to card combinations and odds may make you a good player … but it won’t make you a great player and it won’t save you from the players that have honed all of their skills. You won’t win many poker hands without careful consideration of your own cards but you won’t win any poker hands without considering your opponents’ cards too.

Your cards and their cards are closely related because the value of your hand and your ability to win the pot depends on the value of their hand and how they will play it. It may seem impossible to make a fair assessment of your opponents’ cards, but in truth, it becomes easier the more you play the game and especially the more you play the game with the same opponents.

Detailed observation

Careful observation will yield clues as to whether their hand is strong or weak. Armed with this knowledge, you are better prepared to play your own hand accordingly. Most players still underestimate the importance of playing themselves against their competitors vs. playing their cards against their competitor’s cards.

There are many advantages to this strategy, not least of which is protecting a good hand and playing a bad hand to a win. Alternately, the reverse is also true … after reading an opponent, you may choose to fold a hand that you would otherwise have played.

It is often repeated that the point of poker games online is winning. While this is true, it is far too simplistic to be practical. The point of real poker playing is to win more than you lose.

Sometimes losing is good

Inevitably, you will occasionally lose, but by having a good win to lose ratio you always come out ahead. When you alter your strategy to include the clues you get from other players, you lower your risk of losing big.

This goes back to folding on a good hand. It may be hard to put your cards down but a good hand is only valuable when it wins; if your assessment of another player leads you to believe they have a better hand, it’s better to fold than to pump someone else’s pot.

Ultimately, a good

the strategy is comprised of playing your cards, playing your opponents and betting accordingly. You cannot master the game on cards alone.

Happy playing!


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Losing Less is Winning More in Poker Online

Winning poker is not just about taking down the big pots and stealing the blinds. Winning at poker online isn’t about only playing when you hit premium hands.

Many poker online players conveniently forget the big hands they lose or put it down to bad luck – and this is a huge hole in a lot of players games – Losing big hands costs big cash.

Seriously how many times have you got well ahead in a tourney only to blow it on one big hand that eventually you figured you’d lost – yet still chucked in loads of chips because you were “pot committed”? How many times have you had a winning session only to decide to gamble on making a load more on just one more hand because it looked promising – and then ended up having your stack after you got carried away even when the cards just didn’t sit right?

A chance to cut your loses

The important thing is that 9 times out of 10 you could have seen it coming and you had a chance to cut your losses – and yet you didn’t. Recognizing this hole in your game and seeing a hand is going to be expensive to stay in means that losing less becomes winning more.

Let’s face it if you’ve got a draw to a monster hand or makings of a great hand the chances are those big cards you’ve hit on the flop have more than likely helped the other player(s). You need to be looking ahead seeing problems as well as the opportunities in the cards and take note of the way best online poker players are betting.

If you’re up against a very tight online poker real money player and he’s raising back at you before the flop – you must be thinking he has a strong hand and expect he is going to make you pay for every card along the way – maybe this isn’t the time to chase a draw with you suited high cards – is just going to be too expensive to be worth it.

Think ahead of everything

Maybe you’ve made a straight on the flop but there is a flush draw out there, of course, you’re going to crank up the pot. You want him out before he hits his flush. But you have to be thinking, what if the next card makes the flush am I up against a player who is going call a big net and make a big bet if he hits his draw? Then when he hits his flush, you’re already expecting his massive bet, you’re already thinking how your hand has gone bad and you’re already looking to get out – you’ve thought ahead.

Expected odds are when you call a bet or raise based not on pot odds or what’s already in the pot but on what you expect to be able to make on future rounds – If you’re on the flips side i.e. the victim, then you have to also assess your early bets based on what you think the future calls could cost you. If someone has called your big raise then you’ve got to be prepared for them coming straight back at you when their hand hits and yours doesn’t.

Losing small pots when you’re trying to pick them up or generate some action is fine – this is where you can make good money using skill and leading players by the nose – you won’t win every one but when you lose it won’t cost you your seat or all your money – but being led by the nose and adding to big pots even when your beat is where you lose the most.

Happy playing!


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