Poker in the White House with Abraham Lincoln

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In the United States, the game of poker, whether it is online poker or live tournaments, not only a popular pastime, it is also an integral part of the history and culture, from the 18th century Wild West to recent times. Hunting down the history, we realize how many past leaders take pleasure in the occasional game of poker. They have been of this nation and proved to take special interest in Texas Hold’em poker. 

An expertise crucial to be a successful politician is not contrary to the one essential to flourish as a poker shark. This is especially valid for poker online games, where studying players, is sometimes essential to one’s entire success than reading cards. 

Elected officials preferred to sharpen political abilities at poker table

Interaction at poker table can appear like hard negotiations where parties inclined to keep their cards close to chest. And they also attempt to one-up each other with a well-placed bluff. It’s not precisely amazing that numerous elected officials. Even those at the highest levels of politics – prefer to sharpen their political abilities at the poker table. 

The history of American presidents recognized for playing poker begins with the very first one. Before becoming president George Washington played poker. He once kept very close records of his wins and losses at card tables in the appropriately named “Cards and Other Play” ledger. 

Abraham Lincoln considered to first bring the game

But today we are talking about another extremely popular American president, Abraham Lincoln. The brand new game of poker ended across the nation during the early 1800s. During this time a young Abraham Lincoln considered to first bring to the game. It was years from becoming the nation’s 16th president.

Immediately after turning 22, Lincoln was employed with others to build up. And sail a flatboat from Illinois to New Orleans to deliver a produce shipment. The voyage ultimately carried them down the Mississippi. This was where card sharps on steamboats had pretty much started fleecing. It was unsuspecting travelers in their floating poker games. 

Lincoln exposed his understanding of the game

Approaching in New Orleans, Lincoln experienced much that was new, adding slave traders’ posts marketing prices for human lives. He also is stated by a few to have experienced poker. He was having journeyed straight to the game’s birthplace and site of various early gaming dens. Later on as president, Lincoln referred to poker. He was responding to a question of diplomacy during the Civil War, exposing his understanding of the game. 

While very little is known of the games Lincoln played, most people agree he probably played for the minimum stakes. That may be, “penny-ante” games. A few three-quarters of a century prior to his own likeness would be put into one-cent copper coins. 

Have a happy poker time!