Online Poker And The Rules To Play The Game

At PokerLion you will find all the exciting and thrilling major games of poker such as Omaha, Hold’em, Blaze poker, Fish Party and many more.

If you have never played the online poker game before, we are here to help you with the basics. And the rest of the game will depend on your aptitude for the game. Here is a quick overview of the basics. Give a glance and try to play your first game according to it.

The beginning

The game of poker characteristically features a forced bet. For example, big blind and small blind in Omaha and Hold’em or antes and bring-in in stud. These forced bets include the beginning pot in any given hand of poker, which is the first reason players have to win the hand. Action arising from the following rounds of playing further boosts the size of the pot.

Cards Deal and Betting Rounds

Following the initial dealing of the cards to the players, they are called upon to act in turn as they move clockwise around the table.

Each of the players can normally take one of the following steps, when their turn to act comes:

Check – When a player checks, he declines his turn to initiate the betting. Players can check when there is no bet at the ongoing round and “checking” is passed on to the next player at the table sitting clockwise. If everyone checks, the round is regarded as complete.

Bet – It is the amount a player is willing to stake at the round. Players might bet if no other players have bet during the ongoing round. After the bet has been made, the other players must “call” by matching the bet to stay in the hand.

Fold – Players who fold surrender their cards and cannot win or act again during the ongoing hand.

Call – When a player “calls”, he selects to place a bet matching to the previous bet.

Raise – Players might raise if other players have bet in the current round; this needs the raising player to match the highest bet made, and then make a greater one. All players are needed to call the raise or raise again to remain in the hand.

Different rounds of different poker versions

Different versions of online poker have different rounds, for instance, most Stud games have five rounds, while 5-card draw normally has two. Hold’em and Omaha are the two most popular poker games in the world and have same structures, with four rounds of betting termed as pre-flop, flop, turn and river.

The pre-flop round starts as soon as all players have got their hole cards, before any cards have been dealt; betting on flop happens after the first three cards are dealt; on turn after the fourth card; and on river after the fifth and final card.

On each of the betting round, it continues until every player has either matched the bets made or folded. If no bets are made, the round gets ended when every player has checked. When the betting round is concluded, the next dealing/betting round starts, or the hand has ended.


Once the last bet or raise has been called during the final betting, a showdown happens; the lasting active players must reveal their hands, and whoever has the best ranking hand wins the pot.

Players often divulge their hands sequentially, rather than everyone at the same time. Multiple players can share a single pot, with the pot divided in various approaches depending on the game rules and how each player’s hand ranks against their challengers.

Betting Limits

Betting limits look up the amount players might open and raise. Usually, poker online games are of the following styles; fixed limit, no limit or pot limit.

Fixed Limit – Each player can opt to call, bet or raise, but merely by a fixed amount. The fixed amount for any given betting round is set in advance.

No Limit – Each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and counting their full stack in any betting round, when it is their turn to act.

Pot Limit – Each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and counting the size of the whole pot at that time.

Table Stakes and All-in

You might have come across a poker scene in a movie or TV series where a player is faced with a bet for more chips than he has at the table, and is forced to stake a car, a watch or some other thing to stay in the hand. This might make for decent melodrama, but it is not usually the way poker online is played in actual!

A player who does not have sufficient chips to call a bet is declared All-In. The player is entitled for the part of the pot up to the point of his final bet. All further action linking other players takes place in a ‘side pot’, which the All-In player is not entitled to win. If more than one player goes All-In in a hand, there can be more than one side pot.

You know the rules now? Don’t stop! Just play poker!

Women Prefer Online Poker Increasingly

As poker continues to gain more and more mainstream acceptance, women are becoming more and more interested in taking up the game. Until the recent poker boom, poker was mostly a male dominated game. Less than 10% of the players at a typical poker live game were women.

In fact, playing poker live is something many women are still shy to do. The old prejudiced male attitudes and visions of smoke-filled rooms may account for much of this caution. For whatever reason, ladies have yet to completely embrace the real world poker games in big numbers.

Online poker is one more story. Researches show that over one third of online poker players are female. Women are the fastest growing segment of the online poker game. Playing poker online offers them with a convenient and less threatening way to learn and become more capable at the game. Also, women tend to favour the lower stakes accessible online.

While men may play for the “action” or to finish, women tend to play poker as a means of break out. Normally, men play to succeed and women, while spirited, play for more community reasons. Other reasons women mention for preferring poker game include being able to play poker from a safe home setting, not having to get dressed up to play live, being able to play poker in an atmosphere where gender is not a topic.

Women playing poker at home

Playing poker online from her home is not merely safer, it is also more suitable. The female player can play poker at a time that fits into her hectic timetable. The notion of getting dressed up, driving for miles, tipping dealers, waiting for a table, and driving back home is something hardly few women find tempting.

Many women who play online have to deal with the rude attitudes of several male players. They just don’t want to be bothered with all these troubles. Online poker offers a perfect solution to the women poker players. She can opt a screen name that doesn’t disclose her gender if she so wishes.

So, girls, if you’re hunting for a safe, convenient place to polish your poker skills, online poker is ideal for you. Poker is not just for the boys anymore.

Happy gaming!

Tips To Make Your Poker Game Profitable

When it comes to play poker online, there are many tips and tricks you can utilize to better your odds at crushing your challenger, taking your money, and leaving him or her pondering what exactly just occurred. Whether you’re playing ‘friendly’ games or to make a profit of money, here are some tips that if you can bear them in mind will develop your game.

First thing to know

The very first thing you require to understand is how to value the pot, this generally happens when the cards are just dealt. By value the pot, we mean playing with a relative amount to test your challenger’s hand, see if the poker online players have something of value between their fingers. If you’re valiant, you can do this at any point – but the best time would be if you have hole cards such as pocket aces. It’s significant not to get over excited and bet too high, you might scare the challenger away – instead, try to milk them, slowly growing your play.

Second thing to know

The second thing to keep in mind is you want to save your money, and yet offer your cards a chance. This is best exemplified when you have suited connectors or medium pocket pairs, at this point you want to see the flop for as little as you can risk. If you’re a champ at bluffing, go for it – but at this point it might be better to play your cards safer and save your money for better chances at winning.

Another time to work through to the flop for possible glory is on low pocket airs, and middle suited gaps. They aren’t connected but if you can use the weaknesses of challengers and get through to the flop without dishing out too much cash, it might pay off. Keep in mind, these are trivial hands so be careful and weary of the body language of your challengers when trying to bluff your way through.

Here’s a tip that most people are ignorant of but gives you a huge benefit when playing poker; the person to the left of you has the better table position and is extremely hard to beat. Consider this for a second, as you know, when you are in a place to see what has been done by the challengers and then make your choice, you have the upper hand. Given this, the person to your left has the benefit over you. When you get to a table, if you are conscious that there is someone who will be hard to beat, sit to the direct left of them so that you may have the gain.

Before you play poker, read, try to hunt down tips and practice them.

Happy poker!

Knowing When To Fold And When To Hold

Hello poker lovers! One of the most common errors in Texas Hold’em poker, much more than other poker games, is to cling to hands that look decent long after they turn bad.

For instance, one of the clearest signs of a weaker player is the incapability to fold some pocket pairs after the flop.

Weaker players will frequently fold a King, Jack on an Ace, Jack, Eight flop but will bet all their money with a pair of Queens on an Ace, Ten, Nine flop.

When facing a bet, the difference in value between those two hands at that point is miniscule, but the somehow the ‘prettier’ pair of Queens’s forces players to act.

It’s just so ‘good looking’ but sadly, you don’t get any money for having ‘pretty’ hands in poker online.

Beat weaker players

What you do get is a chance to force assured situations in each round and better players will often beat weaker players for a lot of chips even though the better player is holding worse cards than the weaker player.

Okay, in a way, this is the idea of most of the game but what makes one player better than another, in essence, is the ability to transform what should be negative situations into positive ones.

The factors at work are the better player’s skills and the weaker player’s idea of a good hand.

Another way to put it is – giving a weak player a good starting hand is sometimes the best thing for a more experienced player. Just because something starts out fine doesn’t mean it will end that way. Starting hands are merely that, a start.

Clinging to good starting hands for too long, specifically putting in a bet on the bigger betting round on the turn is a huge hole in most players’ game and players who rely on the simplest starting hands, mostly pocket pairs, will suffer most.

Remember, just as it looks ‘good’ doesn’t mean it is. Online poker is a learning experience, so if you make a mistake make sure you learn from it.

Happy playing!

Play Poker Games And Enjoy It To The Point

Playing games is something that will let you feel the delight and comfort. Obviously, you cannot find people who simply say no to play games. Playing games is something that everyone right from children to elders loves to be a part of. This is the cause why various games are emerging daily. There are numerous games to play on. A few games will let you feel the ease of playing and winning. And there are games that will insist you to finish up the challenges to win the games. And people would love to play games that lingers fun, interesting and let you bring in more money. If that is the case with you, you can play online poker game.

What truly poker offers?

A poker online game is nothing but a family of card games that joins skill, gambling and tactic. All you have to do is to bet on the blend of the cards. If you get that combo, you will be declared as a winner of the game. Betting on the pair of combos might sound easy. But always, you will not be permitted to bet on the same combo. Rather, the betting pair will fluctuate according to the rules and winning combos of the game.

So, you have to play the game exactly and you should make clever moves. The poker games offer different games to opt from. You can either play for money or just you can play for fun that is utterly your choice. All you have to do is to select one of the best online poker sites to play the poker games.

Why should you play online poker games?

Most people will emerge with this question when they are asked to play the online poker games. As you all make out that, the poker game is coupled with tricky rules and regulations. At the start, the players will find it hard to understand and pursue those things. At the same time, if you select to play the game on the online sites, you can prefer a game among the diversity of poker games available. Also, you can discover tutorials for learning the ins and outs of the games. Hence, you can learn and play the game with ultimate comfort.

Choosing the Poker Site

There is endless poker gaming sites to choose from. Among that, you have to prefer the site that gets hold of a choice of poker games to offer. And make sure to select the site that gets hold of best online poker rooms for the players. The site you pick to play should be secured and dependable. Most significantly, the site should make the payouts on time at expected intervals. Bear in mind that, you have to be the member of any poker site to play the games according to your comfort and wish.

Happy gaming!

Play A Decent Poker Game By Observing Your Challengers

In the modern times, it is said online poker can be played with smart thinking and bluffing. But there is another thing you can do, and that is analyze your challengers. And picking up on styles of play that can make all the difference when the game really gets going?

Firstly, observing how other players are betting, even when you are not involved in the pot, is a must.

The most widespread errors, in particular amongst inexpert low-limit players, is that they will see the ‘flop’ in Hold’em, for instance, with hands they should have folded, they will call when they should fold and they play their hands long after it’s clear they’re beat. In short, they play poker too loose.

You will hardly ever see a novice low-limit Hold’em player play too conventionally or too tight. If they have the alternative of either calling or folding they will roughly always decide to call. They came to play and it’s no fun for them to fold without calling one last final bet to see what you have.

The key difference between inexpert low-limit players and medium/high-limit players is that the latter do a lot more raising pre-flop. If you ever find yourself in a game where there is an undue amount of raising going on even the flimsiest of cards, that’s a positive sign you are up against a talented player and it’s worth thinking about getting out!

Second last tip; always presume your challenger is better than you until you have clear proof to the contrary. Over buoyancy is a sin in this game!

And the last tip for you is to exchange new information with players, and read poker online related literature – it really helps!

Good Luck and happy gaming!

Playing Tight Online Poker

Poker is a game which needs skill and ability to bluff in order to win. By playing it wise, the player can get ahead of the others and regardless of the fact of losing a few rounds will still appear on top.

Poker can be played numerous ways and should there be smaller pots as there are only a few playing, this is termed as Tight Poker.

Tight poker is not a game

It just means that whoever wins won’t be bringing that much home. Should the person still play when this occurs? The answer is yes. No matter how small the pot is, that is still money and people will certainly still fight for it.

During such games, there will be plenty of checking. This is done in the hopes of a free card that will come out when there is a draw. When this occurs, putting in a bet will certainly make these players go on the unpleasant.

In a few of these game rooms, numerous games will be played all together. The player will not know what kind of game is being played until the player is seated. Should the person not like it, then request to another table is permitted. This can only happen in poker live and not online.

When the player does this poker online, there are loads of options that the player can do. It can already be determined how many players see the flop. These sites can also divulge the average size of the hand which in turn can help the person to choose whether to play this game or not.

If other people in the table want to raise the stakes by escalating the limits for each bet, as long as the player can handle it then it’s acceptable. However, if this is too high for the player, it is satisfactory to pull out and move to another table.

Rising reputation of online poker

The rising reputation of online poker has made tight poker very rare. This is as almost all wants a piece of the action so there are a lot of people who play in the tables or online. Tight poker can be a test to those who want to move higher in the game.

If the player is not able to win here, the chances of winning against people who play for higher stakes is slim. It is best to begin small initially, to learn the basics and expand it before proceeding any further.

Whenever the play goes to a table, it is best to decide the skill of the other plays. If these players are better than transferring to another table is a decent idea. However, these players should be a level lower, it is best to take benefit of the position and get rich.

The aim of any form of poker game is to win money. By finding the niche in numerous types of poker out there, the player in time might establish his reputation just like those who are in the big leagues.

Poker and any other form of gambling is a game of chance. In some hands the player can get lucky and win. In some cases, the player has a bad hand and will have to fold until the next round. Playing it smart can do well for someone who knows what to do in the heat of the action.

Happy playing!

The Ultimate Fun Of Playing Online Poker Games

Are you searching for a few decent ways to have fun? Do you wish to discover some decent experiences to play your favourite poker games? By playing your preferred poker games, you will not only get ultimate fun but it will also give you decent money by winning Jackpot in these games. If you are looking to play your preferred poker games anywhere anytime, you never need to visit anywhere to find the casinos. You just need to find online poker games to have fun anytime at your place.

If you are looking to enjoy the online poker games, there are lots of sites to offer these experiences to the poker lovers. You just need to find a decent website where you can find a nice collection of online poker games.

Pick your preferred games easily:

At these websites, it is easy to pick your preferred games. They will offer lots of categories of poker games where you find Hold’em poker, Omaha poker and much more. It will be easy to find your preferred games easily from these. At these websites, everyone can find a decent experience to win the real money in top rated games.

Real-time experience of gaming:

When you are looking to playing the poker online at websites, they will offer a real-time experience of poker games. You discover chances to contend with real-time players and if you are able to win your preferred games, you can make decent cash with it.

Easy to play options:

You will not discover it hard to play your preferred games online. When you want to select top rated online poker games, you just require visiting a decent website.

The players can easily create the account and can begin playing the best poker games online. They will be easy and rapid options to deposit cash in your account and the players will also find added benefits with promotional offers and bonus offers on the deposit amount. It is a wonderful way to find the actual time experience of poker games online anytime.

Hence, happy gaming!