3 Reasons to Select Cash Games over Poker Tournaments

poker tournaments

At some point, every poker player ponders on playing cash game poker and poker tournaments. Think about which one is better to play.  

Each has their merits and are recreational, making the professional poker players love both. Some of the players choose tournaments over cash games while others select cash games over the tournaments. Both have some difference and it is the preference of the players which lead them to the success of the poker games online. Both have their own style and strategy.  

Many online poker players still use cash games as their primary or sole source of poker income. Let’s take a brief look at the reason of your selecting cash games. 

Cash games are more flexible 

Cash games online poker offers you flexibility over tournaments in numerous areas. The cash games can offer a lower buy-in than most low stake tournaments. An average rule is that you have to put up at least 10 big blinds to buy into a cash game. 

The cash games give you flexibility in the amount of time you are needed to commit. You can select the period of time you play in a cash game. 

In tournaments, you’re going to commit anywhere from several hours to several days in live tournament settings. Also, you usually don’t have to show up at a specific time for a cash game. On average, you just show up online and login to your poker site and you can immediately take a seat in a cash game. Granted, there are times you can’t get into the exact game you want but there’s normally another game running that you can bid your time in. 

If you feel that you’re running badly in a cash game, you can pick up your chips and cash out. That’s not an option in tournaments. 

More money is available overall 

When it comes to cash games, there’s much more money to be made than in tournaments. In tournaments, you’re limited to the money available in the prize pool.  

You have some amount available on the table at the start, and you know other players are going to be coming in and out with others rebuying multiple times. 

Variance a bit more controllable 

Variance is a part of playing online poker, but we don’t have to be slaves to it. Cash game offers you a bit of control over variance. The clearest way you can control variance is by moving down in stakes. If you’re on a long losing streak, you can’t simply move down in stakes to control losses. 

Happy poker time!