Choosing a Table for the Perfect Poker Game

poker online

Strategizing your game in poker online starts before you think it does. Before the cards are dealt and even before meeting your opponents face-to-face, you can take steps which can either make or break your game. 

Eying Your Opponents 

For the live play poker games, it is best to watch players for afar. You can get an idea on whether they are loose or tight players, based on their mannerisms alone. Of course by doing this, you are trying to pick up signs from players who have lesser or equal skills to yours. This increases your chances to win should you choose to play with them. 

The Numbers Say It All 

As for poker games online, you can boost your chances to play against weaker players by paying a visit to the lobby and letting the numbers tell you what you need to know. With the given statistics for each table, you can gauge what kinds of players there are and decide on which table can give you the most profit. 

Size Matters 

The biggest clue you can get based on the statistics alone is the players’ stack size. This gives you an idea of how serious each player is. The bigger the stack of each player, the bigger the chances that they are seasoned players for the reason that they have the guts to bet bigger money. Then again, you have to be cautious as some players use their stack size as a way to bluff their opponents. 

Seeing Flops 

The percentage of players seeing the flop is another gauge of how loose or tight players are. The higher the percentage of players seeing the flop, the looser the table is. This is the kind of table you want to look for in poker online India as this increases your chances to win money. 

Hands and Hours 

Lastly, in using numbers to classify a table, you have to take note of the hands played by the hour. You want to play poker online in a table having a high number for this factor since you want to win money as fast as possible. 

Charge it to Experience 

The best and most accurate way to know if a table is filled with rookies or veterans is to base everything on experience. If you have played in that site for several times, you can likely tell which of the players are good at poker, and which among them need more practice. Needless to say, you want to play in a table with the not-so-good players. 

Victory Chair 

You gain better chances of winning if the good players are on your right as they get to act before you do. If you’re worrying about players who are fond of betting and raising, you can be safe choosing to have them on your immediate left. This gives you a chance to analyse your opponents’ moves as they get to act after the said player and before you have to. 

Whether you are playing a live game or an online poker, you have to remember to take these factors into consideration before and while playing. They may often be overlooked but these can certainly give you either a fat wallet or a financial headache, depending on how you use them. 

Happy playing!