Heads-Up Texas Hold’em Strategy Tips You Need to Win

Texas Hold'em Poker

No matter what form of online poker is played, ultimately it comes down to two individuals playing for the prize and pot of money. This is called heads up poker. The strategy involved in this game format is entirely different from the multi-player table tournaments. 

It is also very different from Texas Hold’em poker which is played against many opponents. 

Since you end up playing against one individual, this means that the chance of winning a pot with the hand that you have is much higher when compared to playing with many players since you only have to beat the hand of one other player. 

One on one 

Playing against just one opponent can either be a positive or a negative, depending on what you can do at the table. 

You only need to concentrate on one opponent and hence you should be ready to take the player out. 

You have to be very aggressive to win heads up games. Without aggression you can fall under the other player and lose out. 

Keeping this in mind, here are some tips and strategies which you can use to win heads-up poker games online games. 

Aggression is key 

You are up against just one player and the one thing that you have on your side is aggression. The best tactic in these on one game is to be as aggressive as possible and not let the other player rule over you. 

Keep the other player in your sights and do not let up on the game or this tactic. 

Talk back 

Do not let your opponent become comfortable with the game try to make life at the table hard for the opponent as this would only make your chances of winning better. 

Be in control 

You should be the one who has control over the game and all the actions being done at the table should be within your control, once you lose control of the game it is tough to get back in the flow of things. 


Learn about the tells of your opponent. Every twitch or movement of the body can be used by you before making a play, pay attention to everything the opponent does. 

Bluff often 

If you think that only the opponent can tell, so should you. Apart from being aggressive and trying to win almost every hand, you should bluff when you can make a smart call, especially if you think your opponent will not call you out. 


Always calculate your odds, do read up and learn about the odds of the hands you have with you so that you can make the right decisions when playing the game. 

Do try to gauge all you can about your opponent. Since you need to be as aggressive as possible. While at the table you need to understand if your opponent is aggressive or just stupid. 

A player who is not very smart will call you on almost any and everything. While a smart and aggressive player will re-raise you with anything. If he does the latter you should play poker online hands wisely; else you can lose a lot of money playing against. 

Folding hands is one tactic to use when you are trying to run down your opponent; you should come at him hard and strong when you have a good hand. You would probably come out on top as well if you use this tactic. 

Try and throw the opponent off by bluffing as much as you can since it would become hard for them to read you and your game. 

One thing you can use to your advantage while playing against any player. Not only an aggressive one is that they will have cards worse than what you hold nearly half the time. So do plan your next course of action properly. And you could end up winning a lot of hands if you plan smartly. 

Have a gala poker time! Happy playing!